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The right surface of your paving stone

Are you planning a new project with flagstone but have difficulty choosing a surface treatment? We help you find a suitable stone. Here you can read our simple guide on flagstone treatments!

A hammered flagstone is cast with a top layer that is then processed afterwards to achieve a rustic appearance. It is a relatively new surface treatment and is in many ways reminiscent of antique treated stones, although hammered ground stones have sharper edges. They therefore work perfectly against older buildings or in modern environments where you want to break away from a more rustic stone.

Smooth ground stones have a smooth surface and sharp edges. Today, there is a wide range of smooth paving stones in different formats and colors. They are simple and stylish in appearance. The smooth stone fits particularly well with modern houses and funkis. Of course, you can combine smooth paving stones with tumbled and rustic bricks and curbstones or natural stone.

Tumbled ground stones are first cast and then struck against each other in a rotating drum. With the treatment, the stone becomes softer and takes on an antique appearance. They therefore fit well with older houses and with the classic villa. These stones also go by the name Antik and are today most popular among our customers.

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