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Så tyckte vi om vinnarpizzorna

That's how we liked the winning pizzas

Last summer we had a pizza competition at Stenbolaget in collaboration with We in the villa . By sending in your favorite recipe, you entered the competition for one of your own pizza kit with a total of three winners. Annika, Annika, and Anna were the lucky ones, and we thank you so much for their wonderful recipes - minced lamb pizza with halloumi, sourdough pizza with Parma ham and a dessert pizza with berries.

A group of bricklayers took on the task of test-baking the pizzas last week. This was the result!


"For the sourdough pizza, of course we needed a sourdough, preferably made from a wheat sourdough base. Then we had a small problem as we had no sourdough base to use. Sourdough baker'n Rolf was fortunately able to help us and offered a well-bubbly foundation and a nice one recipe for pizza dough. I was then given the task of making the dough in the evening, a day before we were to bake the pizza." Eric Andersson.

pizza stone


"The result was very good! It was fun because it was my first time baking with sourdough. The pizza was good, but for those who have never baked sourdough before, it may be good to remember that it takes time and is a bit of a challenge. Especially if you have to start a sourdough from scratch. Planning is needed!” Eric Andersson.

"Lovely thin base and a neat combo with Italian Parma ham and mozzarella! Good start to the test bake!” Erik Legerius.

"Simple, no fuss! Good taste on the sourdough base! Maybe we should try to reintroduce mustard bowl as a name for arugula?” Christian Stedt.

"It was good that we chose the ingredients with care and made everything from scratch. The feeling is completely different with real sourdough together with a tasty pizza sauce and really good mozzarella. If anything, we should have baked the pizza a little more!” Kim Olofsson.


"We used the same tomato sauce for both the minced lamb pizza and the sourdough pizza. In both winning recipes, the recipe for the tomato sauce was missing. But you certainly have a few tricks up your sleeve – my tomato sauce turned out really good!” Erik Legerius.

pizza stone oven


“Lamb is so good! Fun with a different pizza. A good topping, but a little too much dough.” Eric Andersson.

"Minced lamb was really good on the pizza. I like halloumi and kalamata olives too so it was a hit. What lowers the rating for me was that the dough was too thick. Next time we will reduce the batch and roll it thinner!” Erik Legerius.

"Good! But I would probably have preferred mozzarella instead of halloumi – halloumi hardens so quickly. Then I thought it was a bit bland with the minced lamb, too many ingredients... and I actually contributed to the good tomato sauce.” Christian Stedt.

“My favorite of the three! There was a bit of dough, but I didn't think it was too much. Almost became a bit like a pan pizza. A big plus for halloumi on the pizza! I give it five spades!” Kim Olofsson.


"Since we were going to make puff pastry, we also needed a recipe for it. We took the first best we found. It was quite messy, but good!” Erik Legerius.

"We would serve stirred vanilla ice cream with the pizza. Here we have to admit that we cheated and bought a ready-made one. There was simply no time to make one of your own, but of course it will be a big plus if you have time to do it!” Kim Olofsson.

pizza stone


"Oh! What a success. Even though you were so full from the previous pizzas, you couldn't stop eating the dessert pizza. 5 spades out of 5! Definitely the favorite.” Eric Andersson.

"Dessert pizza, what a thing! I will definitely be making this again. Real highlight!” Erik Legerius.

“Oh damn. Maybe we should just eat dessert pizza? But no, the sourdough pizza still takes first place if you ask me. Fine as snuff!" Christian Stedt.

"Like a gino stuck to puff pastry! Good, but I would have liked to see the puff pastry rise more. Needed some more phrasing!” Kim Olofsson.

Did you get the urge to try one of the pizzas? Share the winning recipes here!

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