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Välkommen till huvudkontoret!

Welcome to the main office!

Last winter we moved into our new office located in the Slaughterhouse area. With the tools at their best, we immediately set about renovating. Here you get a glimpse of the result!

glass walls

Glass walls and lighting
The room has beautiful light. We therefore used glass walls for the meeting rooms to create a pleasant work environment with lots of space. Carefully selected light sources also contribute to a wonderful play of light with reflections in the glass.

modern kitchen

plants and cuisine

New kitchen in white and black
We then said goodbye to the old 90s kitchen and built a new and fresh one in white. For the wall, we chose our darkest EcoStone, Dragon Black . Neat and clean with a touch of drama!

marble and lamps

Lounge and sitting areas
On both floors, we have seating areas for meetings and coffee breaks. The interior is minimalistic and modern with rich details of marble and brass.

Colors and materials
The color scheme in the office is black, white and gray with warm color elements of yellow. Leather and velvet are recurring materials in the interior.

sofas, lighting and colorsstone floor and foundation wall

Entrance and hall with tiles
For the entrance, we have chosen our very own EcoStone in the color Quartz Ashgrey . It is a gray natural stone-like granite ceramic with a lively surface and warm color variations. The same stone is also included in the premises for the floor of the hall.

Background wall in rustic granite
The first thing you see inside the main office is a rustic stock wall with spring cladding granite . The stone reinforces the Scandinavian feel in the office and contributes to a lovely mix of material and structure.

With that, we want to thank you for this time and our little house vision. Welcome back!

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