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Vattentätt ska det vara!

It must be waterproof!

What a July we had! The rain continues to pour and the weather god somehow magically manages to surprise us with more rain than we thought possible in our Swedish landscapes. This morning meteorologist Anders Nylund also told TV4 that Vidsel in northern Sweden had 675% more precipitation than normal for the period!

Even though the rain is not always so fun, it comes with a very good reminder of what you should think about when laying stones in your garden. And it's called water drainage system of course!

When it's time to decorate your plot with stone for, for example, a patio or driveway, it's important that you think about the drainage to avoid pools of water and protect your buildings. In part, you should consider that the paving should have a slight slope from the property and that you carry out a proper sub-work with good drainage. In Sweden, it is not unusual for days or periods of heavy rainfall and to be safe before the unsafe, it is just as well to equip the garden against large showers.

With us at Stenbolaget, you will find everything you need to install a complete water drainage system. In our assortment you will find both gutter tiles in concrete and granite which are perfect to use in connection with the house's gutters. They help collect the water and direct it away from the plot. You can also put Aco Hexline drainage channel to catch the water and bring it to one of the garden's wells. If you use both options, you have used both braces and a waist belt!

stone gutter waterproof

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