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4 saker att tänka på när du ska anlita en stensättare

4 things to consider when hiring a stone setter

Hiring a craftsman to renovate the garden should be a fun process - after all, it's the start of something that will transform one of the most important rooms in the home - The magical conservatory!

Many projects in the garden are fine to tinker with yourself - but when it comes to larger earthworks such as paving, masonry and constructing garden steps, it can be a great advantage to hire a professional to ensure a good and sustainable result.

Below we list four areas you need to think about when hiring a craftsman in earthworks and paving!

1. Make a simple sketch and read about what material you need

The first step is to get your own vision down on paper as much as possible. Approximately how large is the area and do you assess that a lot of preliminary work and foundation work needs to be done? Your estimates are the first step towards a successful outcome - once you've found a contractor, they will need to make a professional assessment of the project.

A hot tip from us is to research different materials - their prices, consumption and how they are assembled. Regardless of whether you are looking to build a wall, build a driveway or remodel a garden area, it is good to compare different price pictures and how it generally goes when the product you are looking for is assembled. At Stenbolaget.se, you will find Sweden's widest range when it comes to different products, as well as a variety of guides where you can get an idea of ​​what preliminary work is required, as well as what tools are needed.

This is good to keep track of when you need to get a quote and explain your project to your craftsman.

2. Do your research and compare different price pictures

Once you start looking for contractors (mao tradesmen), it's time to do some research! The stone setter branch is wider than you might think. Try to look for references on the candidates you find - ask for reference pictures and previous projects. If it is possible to get hold of reviews from previous customers, that is also great. If it seems like the contractor's previous craft lines up with what you have in front of you, you've found a great candidate for the job! At Stenbolaget, we of course have a number of entrepreneurs in the industry that we have known for a long time. These are often at a local level in conjunction with our stores. Feel free to contact us for tips, but it is not always that those contractors are available for projects that are planned within a shorter time horizon.

Try to find a few different candidates and ask for a quote! It is good to be able to broaden your options, but also to get an idea of ​​how different pricing models work. For starters, is it fixed or variable price? Check what is included in terms of materials, travel, cleaning and machine use. In land construction, it is often the preparatory work and excavation that is the most time-consuming. To avoid pitfalls, it can be good to keep track of the contractor's estimate of the various parts of the work in terms of time, resources and cost.

Otherwise, there are a couple of hygiene factors that are important when you hire a craftsman. Check that the company is VAT registered and that it is active. It can also be good to ensure that the company does not appear in numerous disputes, you do not want to risk your craftsman going bankrupt during the course of the project.

3. Write an agreement - pay in arrears!

To begin with - hire white! This is work that should last for decades and is an investment in terms of increasing the value of your property. You want to make sure that the person you hire is insured and that you want your security in the form of consumer rights in the event of a complaint - this will be difficult without a receipt.

In addition to this, it is also good to get a written agreement that is as clear as possible to avoid misunderstandings and unforeseen costs. It is both common and likely that the craftsman will have to do something more than what is agreed, but it is easier to agree on additions when the agreement is clear from the beginning.

Also make sure to have a payment plan where you pay the contractor in arrears, for your own security. It may happen that a craftsman means that they need a payment in order to buy the material for the work. It's not necessarily a completely unreasonable argument. Remember that you always have the option to buy the material on your own if you think it feels better.

4. You can do this yourself!

It is often good to have experience and the right equipment for this type of work as it is often a heavy job that is carried out. This applies even more when it comes to masonry and the installation of stone stairs, as it requires a bit of specialist knowledge. However, most of what we sell at Stenbolaget CAN be assembled yourself from ear to loaf with a little drive and hunger!

The majority of the work is, as previously mentioned, excavation and the preparatory work needed for most large stone projects to varying degrees. This is also the most important part - even if packed loose material and drainage gravel that lies behind the finished stone surface is not visible, this is what determines how sustainable your project will be in the long run. When paving stones, the actual laying and jointing of the stone surface is relatively simple and is something that most people can handle! Feel free to check with your contractor - or get advice from us - about what the process looks like, so you can decide for yourself what you need help with.

Feel like you want to know more? Feel free to contact us for advice or read our guide by a professional garden designer !

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