Wall cladding Rustic - for large and small projects

Cladding stone is a clever product that can be used for several different projects, inside and outside, on walls as walls, for facades as house foundations. We recommend wall cladding in mainly granite for surfaces where you want a more lively impression and want a durable wall. It can be perfectly combined with other granite products in our range, but of course also interacts with concrete stone, ground stone and curb stone in the garden. A fun solution that we have seen many customers do is to cover the counter or splash guard of their outdoor kitchen with this facade stone. And the best thing is that there are so many different formats, partly to be able to mix up between the different rows, but also to adapt to the building height to be installed.

In the home, you can use cladding for a robust foundation wall in a basement environment, food cellar or garage plinth. Or why not create an eye-catcher in the living room with a bar counter? Cladding granite Rustic sets no limits but only creates opportunities

A puzzle that is easy to put together

Wall cladding Rustic is available in both normal stone and corner stone , which means you can install it with a nice result and nice 90° corners. The normal stones and the corner stones are designed with a perfect fit, which makes the cladding a fun puzzle and the installation extra fast. You quickly get a visible result and great life for your wall or house foundation.

Assembly takes place on a solid and cleaned foundation such as concrete, leca or similar.

Primer provides good adhesion and should be used in almost all situations. Especially if the foundation is freshly cast or smooth. The important thing is that there are no cracks in the concrete you are covering, the risk is then that it will continue to crack and that your assembly will then loosen over time. All substandard foundations should be repaired before they are sheathed for a successful end result. The assembly of the stone itself is then done with a natural stone fix and a suitable joint for natural stone. We at Stenbolaget work with the Murexin brand in stock. We have many years of experience with the products and mainly recommend the fix KTF55 for assembly and adhesion and the joint FM60 for joining narrower joint types up to approx. 7mm joint width. But should the joint be wider than that, there is of course a joint for this need as well.

The fix is ​​mixed according to the package instructions and then combed out with a toothpick. This forms stripes and grooves that the stone is then pressed into.

Assembly must always be done from the bottom so that the stones cannot slide. In order to get a good line and support line, a rule or similar should be strung up horizontally at the bottom where the first row of stones can then be started. But if you have ground level, asphalt, concrete slab or slab below, of course installation can already take place on it. Just make sure you get a vertical mount and that your wall rows are even.

In many cases, even double gluing can be of great benefit. This means that fix is ​​combed up on the foundation but also in a thin layer on the back of the stone itself before it is assembled together. This provides extra stability.

In order to achieve your joint distance, a tile cross or preferably a joint cord should be used so that the joint is of uniform size over the entire surface.

See also our complete range of wall coverings and find your favorite for this year's wall construction and refurbishment of the foundation/facade. We have a wide range of cladding stones in mainly granite, but also in slate and beautiful limestone.