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Concrete walls

A concrete wall is, as the name suggests, a wall made of concrete. Over time, the concrete wall has become hugely popular and can be seen everywhere, in both private gardens and public conservatories. A concrete wall, on the other hand, is rarely the same as another. With a fantastic development of the material, concrete walls can be built from bricks in different shapes, sizes, colors and treatments.

A concrete brick does not therefore have to be a simple rectangular block, that is far from the truth. There is usually a lot of thought behind both the stone's function, durability and appearance. For a clear example of the difference in shape and appearance, see Stenbolaget's very popular walls Stödmur Waxholm , among others and Mursten Visby .

Retaining wall Waxholm Grey

An incredibly nice solution is to let a stone staircase slip up into the wall and create a passage and a welcoming surface. You build your garden stairs with the help of our granite stone stairs or concrete blocks and find our entire range here . Choose from a range of different models, surface treatments, step depths, step heights and step lengths and find a step that fits into your garden wall.

Concrete walls in the garden

Concrete walls can be built both as a free-standing wall or as a retaining wall . In your garden, for example, you can create the following with bricks:

  • Lower discount walls
  • Create a raised planting border or patio
  • Capture height and level differences
  • Build a frame along the plot boundary
  • Put a double-sided independent wall as privacy protection
  • Frame a patio in a stylish way
  • Create separate "rooms" in the garden

Please see our product range for concrete walls to find a solution that suits you.

Concrete stone is an artificial stone

Concrete stone, in contrast to natural stone, is an artificial stone that is cast from a base of aggregate (sand and gravel) and cement. Concrete blocks are thus manufactured from natural materials but may contain additives and agents to give special properties. For example, it could be additives for a concrete stone that is frost-resistant or a stone that dries faster.

Concrete blocks can be colored in different colours

Brick Visby Gray mix

Normally, concrete blocks are cement grey. However, they can be colored in other colours. At Stenbolaget, for example, we sell wall blocks in darker and lighter shades of grey. Our popular Mursten Visby is another example that also comes in the colors gray mix and terra mix. These are also available in matching paving stones in the same series. For a nice concrete wall and a nice overall look, choose the color of the concrete block taking into account the environment it will be in. The classic and natural shades of gray are, on the other hand, the most popular and work in most environments.

Concrete products are cast in molds

Because bricks in concrete products are cast in molds, the stone is very easy to build with. Dimensions and shape are almost identical in many concrete products, which makes it easier for the bricklayer. In addition, the concrete form can be designed in a construction-smart way, many walls are manufactured with a groove for mounting a locking plug or heel for a slope on the retaining wall . These are usually referred to as construction walls and are normally rated higher in height than brick completely without anchoring.

Concrete walls are low in price

With serial production, it also becomes easier to manufacture larger volumes and thus reduce the production costs of the stone. Compared to natural stone, a concrete wall is a better alternative in terms of price. With different treatments, the concrete wall can also become frighteningly similar to a natural stone wall. The development of concrete has progressed somewhat enormously and today we find concrete stones with a great variety in appearance and which go in natural surface structures and mixed textures.

Wall cladding Granite Grey

Another option that is guaranteed to take your wall to the next level is to cover a concrete foundation or a leca block wall with natural stone instead of building a wall in solid natural stone. Wall cladding is easy to install and is usually installed with natural stone fixings and joints. The stone is available in many different formats and sizes and in different stone shades. A popular cladding stone at Stenbolaget is the grey the granite cladding.

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