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Blått kakel på tapeten

Blue tiles on the wallpaper

Blue, blue, blue . The trendsetters have had their say and, not unnoticed, the rich blue tones have moved into interior design stores and our Scandinavian homes. In the same vein, the tile has also reached new heights and become a material we like to see decorating walls outside our kitchens and bathrooms as well. For those who are going to give their home a lift this autumn, we therefore have some important words to share - blue tiles are on the cards!


Blue in interior design is a favorite for the year but is also a color that lasts over the years. The blue tones are especially appreciated to decorate houses and homes with the world and rarely go wrong. Possibly it could be because of all the positive symbolism we associate with the color. Calmness, intellect, faith and nobility are some examples. In addition, of course, thoughts go to sea and sky. No, blue colors do not seem to go out of time, but are recurring favorites that never really go out of date.


Blue tiles have long been a favorite to decorate walls with. Already in the 15th century, the Portuguese took the tile Azulejo attached and allowed to decorate interiors and exteriors in public settings. Large areas were tiled with the beautiful blue-white patterned tiles with rich motifs. An influential and far-reaching tile tradition thus took shape and stands today as a distinct source of inspiration in interior design and architecture.

In Sweden, the tile has a much younger history and has above all been given a clear place in our Swedish homes for kitchens and bathrooms. The blue tile has been a recurring favorite to use above all in the bathroom with inspiration from the Swedish lake and archipelago life or the Mediterranean Sea. Patterned decorative tiles and borders in blue in combination with white tiles is a classic style that many Swedes can relate to in one way or another.

With an increased demand for tiles for new rooms and environments, we see, on the other hand, that the supply of blue tiles is getting wider and is offered in an increasingly rich variety. Now we would like to see that the blue tile is also allowed to gild the rest of the interior in the Scandinavian homes and that we scrap its stamp as a pure bathroom tile.


Blue is a grateful color to decorate with and marries well with neutral color schemes. We share a couple of tile favorites to embrace the blue trend with and give you examples of how they can be used.


blue tile

Oporto is a beautiful tile series with tiles in a white base gilded with blue patterns. In appearance, it brings a classic charm with inspiration from the French countryside. The series is thus perfectly suited as a harmonious element to rural decor, but it also looks good in contrast to raw and straight interiors.

Use the blue pattern mix to, for example, cover all or part of a wall in the living room, kitchen, hall or bedroom. Try to limit the use of the tile to a certain surface in the room. Then you give your room a rich detail without the blue tile being too intrusive. You can also put the tile on surfaces such as a bench or table top. It will be a different and personal feature in your home!


blue tile

Internal is a classic plate with a matt glaze and is excellent for decorating the different rooms of the home. The plate has a classic square design with dimensions 10x10 cm. The simple look makes it a pleasure to decorate with and is available in three sweet blue tones, Cobalto dark blue, Oltremare Blue and Turchese Green.

Tile all or part of the wall with Interni and paint the remaining wall surfaces in a similar colour. Then the blue tile gives a beautiful and subtle impression. Blue also marries well with white and is a combination you can use in all rooms of the home. The white light also illuminates the room, which can otherwise be perceived as small and dark. Use what is best suited to the conditions of your room and of course according to your personal taste.


glass mosaic

Niebla is a beautiful glass mosaic that can be used for floors and walls. Some variants are also treated with anti-slip, anti-slip, which makes them extra good to put in the shower. The mosaic comes in the size 25x25 mm on sheets.

Niebla fits in most environments and where imagination sets the limits for the area of ​​use. If you have a kitchen island, you can, for example, cover the outside with the beautiful mosaic. It works great to use to create details or to dress larger surfaces with!


clinker tiles

Dust Decor are durable clinker tiles that you can use both indoors and outdoors, floor to wall. The tiles have a matte surface, base color in calm gray and sweet subtle patterns in blue. The decorative tiles come in a mix of patterns and in the size 200x200 mm. They fit perfectly together with the other plates in the Dust series.

Dust Dekor is best used for surfaces you want to draw extra attention to. Lay a distinctive floor in the living room or hall and feel free to combine it with Dust Gray for the room's walls.

We have now switched to focusing on granite ceramics instead of tiles. Take a look at our range of granite ceramics here !

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