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Block stone walls

Masonry blocks at a good price at Stenbolaget

Building a stone wall is easy with massive block bricks. The wall is constructed with freestanding blocks in a row where the smooth short side meets. With us at Stenbolaget, you will find a wide range of free-standing walls in granite .

Block stone walls you see in gardens and on public areas and squares are often raw wedged and have the short sides sawn, flamed or blasted for easy assembly next to each other. The finished wall has a solid granite facade with no horizontal joints.

When joining the vertical distance between the blocks, this is best done with a soft joint in the form of natural stone silicone or similar. Because movement often occurs in the ground, other joints can begin to crack and crumble over time. Modern block stone walls are of course also available. These with a sawn and then blasted surface. The surface becomes completely smooth but with a clear structure. Perfect for the more modern garden or public conservatory where straighter lines are required.

A block stone wall can either be installed as a free-standing wall or a retaining wall . It works for both private and public purposes, but is particularly well suited in urban environments as the hard-wearing surface provides a durability that few other walls live up to. We sell granite walls at a good price both online and in store.

Block stone wall Granite Rustic Grey

Block stone wall as single-sided or double-sided

A granite block wall gives a strong result when you want to build a single-sided retaining wall or double-sided freestanding wall. Like an L-support , it can be quickly built to the finished height and creates a solid construction that suits projects with higher requirements. As the wall blocks at higher heights and larger dimensions are unwieldy and heavy, you need larger machines that can handle the assembly. If you are going to build a granite block wall at home, you therefore need to hire help for the lifting itself.

Granite wall - garden wall with magnificent blocks

Building a block stone wall creates a cool look with the large magnificent blocks of natural stone. In appearance, the wall is simple and straight, while the rough-hewn surface makes it lively and rich in detail. The rough-hewn surface is created by hand and means that a block stone wall is rarely the same. Rough-hewn blocks are suitable for classic garden environments, but look at least as beautiful in a modern and slightly contrasting environment.

In the garden, the stone fits as a lower retaining wall together with a raised flower bed or patio. It is also suitable as a free-standing wall and as a double-sided delimiter along the plot boundary. Perfect for those looking for a separator between different surfaces in the garden. On a modern and smooth wall block, you also get a perfect sitting area and storage area.

Light up your block wall

Block stone wall - impressive with lighting

Create a magnificent impression with your granite wall even when darkness falls!

By combining your stone wall with lighting, you can create an exciting impression in your garden during the dark hours of the day. We have many dark hours and months that deserve light. Not least in our gardens, we need to illuminate parts during the year. The large massive boulders look particularly impressive when the light sweeps over them. The surface treatment is strengthened and the texture is highlighted extra when the play of light falls and creates shadows. A 12-Volt spot mounted in the ground in front of the wall provides a perfect framing around the clock. And with a longer stretch of wall, it can be nice to at least illuminate every third wall block.

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