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Ecostone med uteseende av marmor carrara

Ecostone with the appearance of Carrara marble

Are you also weak for the Italian Carrara? Now comes our most popular series of granite ceramics in a marble imitation and the exclusive look of the natural stone.

Carrara marble with names from the Italian city

Carrara marble is mined in a marble quarry located near the Italian city of Carrara. The local white natural stone with gray veining is globally recognized and has been used as a building stone since Roman times. In the last decade, the Italian marble has increased in popularity and today we use it to give the home a natural and exclusive look, for everything from larger surfaces such as floors and walls to worktops and table tops, dishes and other interior details.

Ecostone mountain

Ecostone crime

Granite ceramic, durable and affordable alternative to marble.

Marble is a metamorphic rock and a transformed limestone that has taken its new form under high pressure and heat. The natural stone is not as dense as the igneous ones (eg granite, basalt and diabase), which means that it is somewhat softer and more sensitive to liquids.

In the home, marble becomes outdated over the years and acquires what is called patina, which is the appearance from the natural abrasion and color changes that occur in the stone and on its surface.

Most people consider patina to be something beautiful, but if you want to use soft natural stone in stressful environments such as hallways and bathrooms or as a splash guard in the kitchen, it may be good to think about your options. Above all if you want to preserve the feeling of freshly laid stone.

EcoStone Indoor Carrara is then a good choice. The slab is made of granite ceramic, a material that consists of finely ground porcelain clays and which gives the clinker incredibly high density with low moisture absorption. Our granite ceramics are also made with a proportion of recycled material. Precisely for the marble imitation, this is 24.59%. The granite ceramic is also a very affordable alternative to the natural stone.

Ecostone products

EcoStone Indoor Carrara is available as glossy or matt

EcoStone Indoor Carrara comes in 10mm thickness. The tile is very easy to lay as it has laser-cut edges and exact measurements. You can use EcoStone Indoor for both walls and floors, in wet rooms and dry environments. The clinker tile Carrara is available in matt and blank performance. Both stay beautiful over the years, regardless of whether you use them for a hall floor or behind the stove in the kitchen.

Ecostone inside

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