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Ljussätt din trädgård - Tips från en ljusdesigner

Light up your garden - Tips from a lighting designer

With autumn around the corner and increasingly darker evenings, it is clear that there is an extra interest in lighting up the garden. Lighting contributes to great effect, cozier setting, atmosphere and security. We spoke to Lotta Nerblad about ground lighting and asked for her tips on how to think, lighting plans and what trends are currently in place!

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Please introduce yourself and your company!

Lotta Nerblad, I have worked with in-lite for 11 years.

Discovering gardens and outdoor environments when darkness falls that are lit with in-lite is an experience in itself. In-lite is more than a brand for outdoor lighting. For just over 20 years I have worked towards one and the same goal: create unique outdoor environments. Because we want everyone to be able to enjoy in-lite optimally, we work in a responsible way and take the environment, people and society into account. Our company Markbelysning has the agency for in-lite in Sweden with a mission to work every day with an enthusiastic team to create unique outdoor environments. We do this by inspiring as many people as possible and showing them that lighting belongs in all kinds of outdoor environments Places where you want to stay, and enjoy, even when it's dark.

We see that interest in outdoor lighting has increased in recent years. What do you think it is due to?

In recent years during the pandemic, we have reduced our trips and are at home more and see a stronger need to create a beautiful environment to stay in, then lighting also becomes an increasingly important part in the outdoor environment as well. The feeling of summer evenings on the patio with family and friends becomes even richer when light is allowed to form part of the atmosphere. Today, there is often a collaboration between the customer and the garden architect / designers on which plants go well with the respective lighting and thinking about the whole has become more common, as well as an important aspect of feeling safer in one's own home environment.

What new trends do you see and what do you think about future trends?

The trend for creating more sustainable environments with quality for a sustainable future. We feel safer in places that are well planned with lighting that is developed with the latest energy-saving technology and with recycled materials.

Our passion drives us to continue to innovate and develop functional, modern and high-quality luminaires. We only use the best possible materials, approximately 80% of which come from recycled raw materials. Our range of luminaires In the coming years, we aim to increase this to 100% for all products in the range. Both current luminaires and our future products work according to one and the same in-lite system. The advanced system extends the life of the products and in-lite offers a 5-year warranty on all fixtures and transformers.

What are the advantages of choosing a low voltage system?

12 V low voltage with in-lite means that 230 V current from the power outlet is converted to 12 V using a transformer.
This is a safe voltage, which makes the in-lite lighting easy to connect and move yourself. The advantages of in-lite having the same system for more than 20 years have developed the system with the same basis, which makes it possible to supplement the system later with new luminaires. With the in-lite system will never short circuit at home. In the unlikely event that one fixture breaks, all other lights will continue to shine. If a short circuit occurs in the system, the transformer will be short circuited and the earth fault circuit breaker in the house will not trip.

As all luminaires from in-lite are LED, each luminaire consumes minimal power. The smallest consume 0.2 watts and the largest 11.5 watts. This means that a normal-sized garden with 15-20 luminaires, i.e. a total of a maximum of 100 watts with mixed strengths, means a monthly cost of about SEK 30.

Are there any basic principles to consider when making a lighting plan? Do you make lighting plans and how much does it cost?

What feeling do you want to achieve when you get home? It is important to prioritize welcoming, safe and atmospheric inviting lighting. Choose focal points to illuminate with effects that you enjoy both from the entrance and from inside the house focal points. Use a garden sketch to draw a lighting plan where all fixtures are drawn. Calculate the total power of the lighting plan and how the length of the cable, so you know how many transformers you need. Plan if passages with pipes under paving or walls We recommend placing the transformers indoors. There is good guidance / help at in-lite.se, otherwise both the staff in the stores and us from the Ground Lighting office will help.

When should you start planning for lighting? How should one think about lighting points?

The In-lite system is a brilliant system for creating flexible lighting for all different purposes. The earlier you plan the better, an early planning with a budget is well worth bringing as early as possible. The big advantage of in-lite is whether you are rebuilding the garden or want to make minor changes, the cable does not need to be buried more than a few cm and you also do not need cable pipes as you want to have access to the cable to connect luminaires anywhere on the cable, Highlight fine plants, trees, ponds, natural mountains and accents. A basic installation with a number of spotlights that are directed to illuminate the various beautiful details creates beautiful lines of sight from inside and outside Complete according to your needs and wishes.

Can more lighting be connected in the future?

If you want to add more fixtures later, make sure the transformer has enough power left. Make sure the cable is available in easily accessible places, e.g. along paving and flower beds If you use small integrated luminaires in a walkway or patio, plan extension cables so that you can later easily access your Easy-locks Make sure you have drawn out your cable plan so you know where it is in your garden and remember to all modes, ensure that the in-lite system is installed in easily accessible locations

Why is lighting such an important part of a garden project?

  • To experience and discover the garden even when it gets dark. The light effect is both atmospheric and functional.
  • Using so-called indirect light is what I mainly recommend, to illuminate rooms in the garden and as a whole. Light that reflects on a surface, a plant or a wall. Lighting with indirect light makes the space look larger and creates a mood. Concentrated light with high intensity is suitable for illuminating trees and objects, which create height and depth in the garden.

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