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Hemtrevliga kalkstensgolv och kalkstensväggar

Homely limestone floors and limestone walls

Limestone for the hall is very popular and something that is in high demand by our customers. With its fossil imprints, the rock provides a living floor where no limestone slab is the same. Limestone is available in many rich colors and shades, where both grain and texture vary in a wide range. In other words, it's easy to find a limestone that fits your home! Keep in mind that limestone is a softer type of stone than, for example, granite and slate, and can therefore get more scratches or patina, as we like to call it, over time. Think about the surface you will lay your limestone floor on and take into account the height because the stone is somewhat more sensitive than granite floors. However, most people believe that the limestone floor becomes more beautiful over the years precisely when it has achieved a certain patina.

Jurassic Limestone Gray

Jurassic limestone is an example of one of our most popular limestone varieties in the range. The stone has given many homes a real boost over the years. It comes from Germany and is available in beautiful beige and gray shades. These are limestone slabs where a lot of patterns and years have moved in and fossil elements are not at all unusual. With Jurassic limestone for your hall floor, you give your home a warm impression. You will find it in descending lengths and in three different shades, where the color GråBeige is the cheapest in terms of price and the stone with the most contrast. The GråBeigea assortment hits hard in the mentioned shades and you can create very exciting floor coverings and wall coverings. Jura limestone is suitable for both hall floors, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. In bathrooms, we find it mainly on the floor and wall, but less often in the shower corner itself, where water can stand. Limestone is generally not an optimal stone to have in a shower corner. Mainly because very acidic agents are used and can damage the stone. Our water also contains some lime, which can cause white streaks on the limestone tiles. Stenbolaget's Jura limestone comes with a finely ground surface that provides an incredibly comfortable step for the foot along the floor. The fact that the stone also works with underfloor heating is also a big plus on the edge. Underfloor heating gives stone floors an additional dimension and can be laid with both electric coils and as water-borne heat.

In Sweden, we find floor materials in, among other things, Jämtland limestone, Borghamn limestone, Öland stone in the form of Alböke and Gotland limestone with its Norrvange and Södervange. In Sweden, limestone has been quarried for over 1,000 years and the industry has a long history and great tradition in the craft. The Swedish limestone is available in a wide range of colors and is a recurring sight for floors in both private and public environments. Just one example is several of the departure halls at Arlanda and stairwells in properties in urban environments, not to mention all those schools around our long country that have been laid with hundreds of square meters of limestone in both stairs and floors. You will find quantities with Swedish limestone in our range at a really good price .

Above all, we have an extra wide range of the Öland limestone Alböke!

Above you see some of the most common limestones from Sweden

When installing a limestone floor, we recommend that you use a natural stone fixer and a joint that is also suitable for natural stone. In our range from Murexin you will find a range of products with exactly these properties. Otherwise, it's like laying tiles or clinker, and installation is often done with tile grout and notched putty, while the jointing requires a sponge, washing bed and lots of water to make your floor really shine right after the installation itself.

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