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in-Lite ger många möjligheter

in-Lite offers many possibilities

in-lite is a flexible system with outdoor lighting for the garden. It's even so easy that you can work on it yourself. No, you certainly don't need an electrician or a lighting professional here. We tell you more about the advantages of the system and how you can use lamps from in-lite in your garden.

Outdoor lighting from in-lite has many advantages

Since 2005, we at Stenbolaget have sold products from in-lite. They belong to the market's best lighting systems for outdoor lighting and are a good addition to our product range. We have long recognized the benefits of using in-lite in the garden. Including that it is a system with:

  • Easy and safe installation
  • Good and flexible extension possibilities
  • Lighting with low power consumption, 12 volts
  • Favorable warranty of 5 years on the light source
  • Stylish design with effective lighting

in-lite provides the opportunity to create big changes with just a few components when darkness is at the door. The system is tailor-made for the many households.

wiring diagram in some lights

The image shows the various components that can all be ordered in in-lite's system.

Garden lighting with different purposes

When talking about lighting, you usually distinguish between different types of light. In part, there is what you call for general lighting or general lighting . These light sources provide security and are something you can use for the outer edges of the plot to extend the room. General lighting usually has a powerful light that can dazzle if placed too close.

Function light is a different type of light and, just as it sounds, has a functional purpose. In the garden, they can help by, among other things, illuminating stone steps, stone walls, paving stones and house facades to have reference points and clarify areas on the plot. The function light contributes to a great sense of security when darkness falls.

Last but not least, there are so-called the effect light or the mood light. There we include the light that contributes to creating decorative environments in the garden. Here you can have a great effect on your surface with decorative stone , the patio, the garden path and other paving.

A light source can of course fulfill several purposes, such as a function and effect light. With lamps with both upward and downward lighting, you can create mood lighting by turning off the down or up light. It is usually said that contrasts are needed to create effects and where too much light completely reduces the atmospheric feeling!

Adapt the light to your garden

Always plan the type of outdoor lighting you will use based on your garden's needs and conditions. Think about what you want to be able to see in the garden when darkness falls and feel free to think according to the categories of general light, function light and effect light. The easiest way is to pick up a pen and pad to make a quick drawing of Santa. A lighting plan is always preferable as you can more clearly see that you thought correctly.

Which lighting fixture should you choose?

In our lighting range, you will find everything within integrated outdoor lighting, wall lighting , spotlights , decorative lighting and decklights . Think carefully about the effect you want to achieve and choose lighting fixtures according to your desired result.

Then consider where the garden light can be helpful, such as at the entrance , the stairs or along the patio, driveway, along the stone wall or even in the garden area. All these surfaces in the garden fit together with different types of lighting. So take an extra second to see your need. Because there are clear advantages to running cables for all lighting directly.

Last but not least, you can think about where light sources can add that little something extra to your garden. With the extension system, you can easily work your way towards your dream view! And don't worry, you can always start and run cable and then attach lights over time. In-lite's unique connection makes it flexible to be able to supplement the system over time and you will rarely feel locked in on your first idea.

Think about where the light will fall

When you know where and what you want to illuminate in the garden, you also need to think about which direction the light should have. Lighting from in-lite can be divided into the following categories:

  • Integrated lighting - shines from below the ground or out from the wall.
  • Above ground/Solitary - provides light all around in the form of, for example, lighting bollards.
  • Wall lighting - shines around or provides downward light over stone surfaces or facades. This lighting highlights the texture of the surface.
  • Spotlights - postpones light and gives a great effect on bushes and trees.

Choose the fixture based on what you want to achieve in the garden!

Three guidelines to conclude with.

  1. Do not use too little garden lighting
  2. Do not install your lighting with a blinding light, this can disturb you and others in the future.
  3. Plan and think through your lighting and accessories. Good planning can work wonders!

Take the first step and see the entire product range here!

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