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Inspireras av andras trädgårdar och uteplatser

Be inspired by other people's gardens and patios

We are more than happy to share pictures from other people's nice patios and gardens with the hope of inspiring others who are thinking of fixing up their garden. On our inspiration page, we share everything from different stone floors in nice environments to lovely flower arrangements. An important part of our range, in addition to all the beautiful stone products, is that we also offer different types of soil in our range. One of the types is discount soil, which makes the residents of the green conservatory feel good and thrive. Stone, both natural stone and concrete stone, is a common sight in our gardens and is available in a number of different models and product series that you can choose from, so let yourself be inspired and find your way forward. Here below we show some of the nice pictures we have shared.

Do you also want to be seen in our inspiration flow ? Tag your photos with @stenbolaget or #stenbolaget.

Slate tiles are a very fine natural stone and can be used excellently as stepping stones in the garden, both in the grass and directly on a surface with gravel. The stone tiles allow you to have that cozy and homely passage to your patio or why not put it around the house or to the greenhouse? Steppingstones, as they are also called, provide easy installation and quick results and come at a very good price level.

Markstone comes in different shades and here we see two examples of it! Visby structure in terramix looks incredibly nice in a bright greenhouse, here also combined with white crushed decorative stone . Together, these two can really lift and brighten your patio, your greenhouse or wherever you choose to put these two. You can also choose to replace both the decorative stone and the ground stone with other colors or other materials such as slate or granite. The choice of natural stone provides a durable surface even in the future as the stone maintains a high quality and withstands normal wear and tear very well.

Slate tiles are available in different shades and we offer everything from sand colored, as in the picture, but also in darker shades. Very nice on a patio in your garden. The irregular slate tiles also enhance the homely feel and really lift your entire garden and patio! The irregular slate is available in a number of different models with different thickness ranges, completely for different types of installation and results.

Adding plants and flowers to a garden makes a big difference. Our flowerbed and perennial soil works great to use to plant your flowers with. If you want to succeed with a planting as beautiful as this in your garden or patio, you can use corten steel around the flower bed and why not replace the edging steel with exclusive garden curb stones in granite and decorate with one of our decorative stones or sea stones?

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