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Tiles in bathroom


Using tiles for bathrooms in bathrooms is a matter of course, although there are other options such as tiles and granite ceramics which are often more practical and aesthetically more beautiful to look at. The plate is designed to suit both wet and dry spaces, and is available in many different designs. When you are looking for tiles for your bathroom, Stenbolaget has an option for you. We offer durable products with a high standard from Konradsson's tiles, perfect for bathrooms.


Due to a high water absorption of approx. 10-20 percent, bathroom tiles should not be used for floors. Unlike other ceramic tiles, bathroom tiles have a higher porosity, which makes them more sensitive and can absorb a larger amount of water. On the other hand, it works excellently for walls as the tile is not as exposed to the same amount of water or other wear and tear.


Bathroom tiles are available in a wide variety of designs. Square tiles with a high-gloss finish are the traditional choice, but matte tiles are also a popular option. The choice between the two usually comes down to personal preference. Some advocate the shiny bathroom tile over the carpet because:

  • It feels fresh and gives a clinical feeling
  • Reflections in the slab make the room appear larger and more alive
  • The bathroom becomes timeless and classic.

But at least as many advantages can be highlighted for the matte bathroom tile. It gives a soft appearance, is perceived as modern and leaves no visible water stains. However, both plates should be equally easy to keep clean.

However, the choice of tiles does not end with a matter of matt or glossy. Bathroom tiles are available in many different sizes, shapes, colors and patterns. There are also tiles with a structure such as a surface with waves. Coarse surfaces on the tile, on the other hand, pick up dirt more easily and are somewhat more difficult to clean.


Using mosaics in bathrooms is also popular and a nice option when renovating. The small formats create a playfulness and provide surfaces where a lot happens. Mosaics can be of the tile type, but the smaller tiles are also available in other ceramic types and materials such as natural stone and glass. As with bathroom tiles, there is a lot to choose from, even in terms of the shape of the small tile. The classic mosaic is square and only a few centimeters in height, but today there is a wide range in other shapes and sizes. Konradsson's mosaic Disk is one such example, which has a different and modern round shape. In general, however, it is said that the mosaic has a size between 10x10 mm and 100x100 mm.

The mosaic is easy to attach as it sits on mesh maps or has paper on the front. Mosaics in bathrooms, on the other hand, should not have a net of paper on the back.


Are you considering installing tiles yourself as wall covering in your bathroom? You can absolutely do that, but it is not recommended for those who have not laid tiles before. In addition, it is very important that everything goes right because mistakes can be very costly. Most insurance companies approve of you renovating the bathroom yourself, provided you follow the industry rules set by the Building Ceramics Council. Always check with your insurance company before you start. Should you feel the slightest uncertainty about the renovation of your bathroom, you should contact craftsmen for professional help.


In the shower, you are not only exposing your tiled walls to water. Coatings are easily created in the joints from, among other things, hair and skin care products, dust and skin deposits if you do not clean regularly. To keep the bathroom clean and fresh, use water and a mild alkaline cleaner on your tiled walls. Never use soap on your tiled walls as they contain grease that attracts dirt and bacteria in the wet area.

Should deposits occur, you may need a more thorough cleaning of your tile. Coatings in bathrooms are a pleasant place for bacteria to thrive and if it becomes discolored, it is high time for cleaning as there is a risk of mold.

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