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Kakel i kök med vitt och svart

Tiles in kitchen with white and black

Tiles in the kitchen are the given choice for kitchen renovation. It is functional, timeless and very versatile. The classic choice, on the other hand, is a square tile with a white glaze and glossy surface. It works equally well for kitchens and bathrooms. Another favorite is the black tile in the same format, but today there are no limits to how tiles can look.


Laying tiles in the kitchen is both stylish and smart. Depending on how the clay has been treated, tiles can look very different. The secret lies in the glazed surface that gives the stone its character. High gloss tiles are classic, look fresh and are great for removing dirt and stains. The smooth surface means that cleaning up after the quick everyday cooking or the weekend's big cookout becomes child's play. But it is a myth that tiles with a matt surface treatment are more difficult to clean and work at least as well at the stove or above the sink. The matte tile can also give a lovely feeling of ceramics or with a structured stone-like surface.


When talking about tiles, it is inevitable that thoughts fall on the high-gloss white tile in 15x15cm. It has long been used in our Swedish bathroom environments but also as kitchen tiles. In other words, it is a traditional choice when you put white tiles in the kitchen, but the fact is that it is also very trendy.

In both the classic format and in rectangular guises, with or without chamfering, the shiny tile has taken its place in our kitchen environments and given a modern touch. No, white is far from boring. On the contrary, you can get a decorative kitchen wall by, for example, applying grout in a contrasting dark colour. That applies, to say the least, to the immensely popular one The industry trend that lasts, where the white tile is happy to meet other raw materials such as concrete and metal details. Or to create a kitchen in the style of a French bistro. To create more tension, the tile is also set in half joints.

Shabby Chic is another interior style that draws parallels to the somewhat rougher look, but here in a softer and more harmonized tone. Light tiles in the kitchen together with white walls and light floor create a soft foundation that then meets the rustic and worn interior. Here, it is advantageous to put the white tile together with a lighter joint. Use a kitchen tile with a handmade look to enhance the feeling of shabby chic!


Not to be forgotten with the white tile is that it contributes to a bright, fresh and open kitchen area. The kitchen tile works a bit like a white canvas where the rest of the interior is your palette. Furniture, textiles, paintings and other interior details are not to be underestimated in order to put a personal and interesting touch in the kitchen. Instead, spend money on things that are replaceable, such as

  • Finer kitchen towels on hook
  • Luxury kitchen accessories in marble or brass
  • Cutting board on porcelain or wooden stand
  • Plants and herbs adorning the kitchen counter and windowsill

The furniture in a white kitchen is also particularly striking. An interesting ceiling lamp is just one example that can give a particularly interesting look to the white kitchen. For those who want more color for the more stripped-down base, a tip is to invest in an accent color that you let reappear in the interior. Investing in blue is a tip as the marine trend has arrived and moved into our homes.


The black tile gives a sophisticated feeling in the kitchen and for a special elegance. Depending on how the rest of the interior looks, black tiles can also fit in the bohemian home. Regardless, black tiles in kitchens give an intensity like no other tile can.

A dark tile can also be advantageously combined with lighter colors to harmonize and lighten the heavy feeling that can lie. Black and white is a neat combination, where larger surfaces with white tiles open up the room and make it appear larger. With pretty tiles, they bring a sense of minimalist elegance.

Black tiles in the kitchen are also great for combining with tiles in a pattern mix. A stylish combination can be walls with black and white matte tiles, which meet a living floor that brings to mind Morocco.


For those who are looking for cheap tiles for the kitchen but of good quality, Stenbolaget is a good alternative. We offer a wide range of both simple white tiles and decorative tiles from Konradssons.

Cheap tiles for the kitchen can be achieved in several different ways. For example, you can choose to decorate a smaller surface such as wall covering above one of the kitchen counters and combine with a cheaper alternative on other surfaces.

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