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Tile decor


Tile decor, tile decal, vinyl decal or wall decor. Yes, they are all names for basically the same thing. The most common type of tile decor is self-adhesive plastic patches that you attach to your tiles. It's an easy way to make change, it's quick and it's economical on the wallet. In addition to that, the reasons for buying tile decor can be many, but what will the result actually be? Today we get to the bottom of everything to do with tile decor, sort out the pros and cons and explain the alternatives!


Tile decor is placed easily and quickly on existing tiles. Today, they are a popular interior detail for sprucing up kitchens and bathrooms, or decorating other smooth surfaces such as table tops. Many see it as an alternative to renovating with new tiles as you can with tile decor

  • Make short-term and non-permanent changes
  • Easily hide ugly tiles
  • Quickly enliven existing surface
  • Follow trends and create a living home with variety
  • Implement a change that is unbeatable in terms of price
  • Freshen up environments where renovation is not possible.

Making short-term and non-permanent changes can be good for those who, for example, find it difficult to implement major changes in their home or want to temporarily liven up their tile surface while waiting for an upcoming renovation. Decorative film is a relatively flexible alternative to hiding damage and wear on tiles. Today, we see a wide range of tile decor in different colors and patterns, such as matte or glossy, in our physical interior design stores and online. They can be placed on single tiles as a distinctive detail, placed over entire surfaces as a uniform change, or attached together with other decorative plastic in a beautiful combination.

For those who need to renovate at home but at the same time want to follow trends, it can be a good idea to choose a simple and timeless tile and then cover with what feels good at the moment. Moroccan tile, or Marrakech tile, is one such example that is extremely popular today, but may not be an option when renovating for the trend-sensitive who turns their coat after the wind.

Making a superficial change in appearance is also never as cheap as with tile decor. The price per square meter of course lands on a completely different sum, but which is also not comparable to an actual renovation. The plastic film can, after all, give an aesthetic lift, but fulfills no function beyond this and is also a more short-term solution. For those who, for example, live in tenements where renovation is not always possible or when renovation cannot affect the appearance, on the other hand, the tile decor can be a good alternative.


As we have seen, tile decor can be a nice alternative as a quick fix for superficial beauty flaws or other appearance dissatisfaction. On the other hand, keep in mind that tile decor is never more than a surface treatment and not really an option if you need to renovate your kitchen. In addition, tiles are placed in areas that are particularly exposed to, for example, dirt, moisture and heat. Although the decor is certainly designed for such wear and tear, we are never talking about an equally long-term solution. Like a plastic cover for the mobile phone, they will wear and eventually loosen at the edges. If you place them above the stove, there is also a risk of the plastic getting bubbles as a result of high heat and moisture. In addition, they will be stressed by the necessary cleaning from cooking.

Tile decor in the kitchen will also not look nice if your existing tile has strong scratches or cracks that cause the decor to bulge. Then it may be better to replace your broken tiles if you feel that it is not time for renovation with new tiles.

Today, it is popular to add natural stone such as marble in the kitchen. In response to the trend, it is possible to find many different tile decors with a marbled pattern to imitate the stone. But no matter how cheap it is in comparison, you will never get the feeling of the real thing with tile decor in the kitchen. A plastic sticker can never compare to real tiles, clinker or natural stone, even if from a distance it can look frighteningly similar under the right lighting.


If you choose to put tile decor in the bathroom, you need to consider that they will be exposed to moisture. Although the tile decor has a strong attachment to the underlying surface, it can loosen over time in your wet room. They are particularly strained in the shower area.

For those who, on the other hand, appreciate tile decor in the bathroom, there is no need to feel overly concerned. The sticker will certainly stay fresh and in place for several years if you attach it in a good way.


Tile decoration also works for smaller areas that are not part of the fixed interior. Decorate smaller areas such as a table top or a larger tray to create exciting features in the home. Smaller surfaces are also more grateful to work with if you are going to lay vinyl foil.

For those who are crafty, you can also paint and draw yourself on tiles as decoration. It gives a particularly personal touch, but is not necessarily something you do on a large set of tiles. Materials you need, such as porcelain pencils and paint, can be found at hobby stores for cheap.


Attaching tile decoration is, in theory, very simple, but is something that must be done with some precision to get a neat and durable result. It's a bit of a pain to get the plastic straight and without air bubbles in between. Make sure that the substrate is thoroughly cleaned, that the decal is dimensionally appropriate and that the plastic film is properly smoothed, preferably with a plastic scraper. We always recommend that you read the instructions for your purchased tile decoration before attaching it to a wall or table top.

Tile decoration is not always suitable for placing on dark or patterned surfaces as they can be somewhat transparent. Ask in store what applies to your decal before purchase.


If you are renovating at home, there are many tile and clinker options that provide a surface where a lot happens. At Stenbolaget we have decorative tiles from Konradssons which are very beautiful in both kitchen environments and bathrooms. Decorative tiles Ecowood is one such example, which has an exciting appearance of light and dark wood.

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