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Cold walls

Cold wall in natural stone and cobblestone

A cold wall is a stone wall where the stones are stacked directly on top of each other without the use of mortar. It can be built double-sided as a free-standing wall , or single-sided as a supporting wall . We sell several different types of stone that are suitable for cold walls. Blocks and stone slabs in natural stone or cobblestone are some variants.

Cold masonry is the simplest form of masonry

Cold masonry is the simplest form of masonry. It is based on an ancient technique and can be laid with irregular stones as well as hewn and more processed blocks. In rural areas, it is common for the cold wall to be assembled with so-called field stones, i.e. stones that are found on site in nature or blasted stone. In urban environments and more densely built-up areas, it is more common for the cold wall to be laid with hewn blocks, which is perceived as more exclusive.

Building a cold wall - wall without mortar

Building a cold wall means building without mortar. It is usually a simple job as the requirement for sub-work is not as large-scale as for other masonry constructions. The laying technique is also very simple. The stones are stacked directly against each other and you get a stable laying by laying with a slight inward slope from all sides.

When building a cold wall, it is also important to ensure that you get a proper joint width that takes into account movements in the substrate. Cold wall is a flexible wall in such a way that the stones are allowed to move when they are not put into use.

Cold wall at a good price with cut stone

Although you can get field stones for free, building with cut or more processed stone is usually cheaper. The reason for that is that you need to get the stone cut so that you get a solid wall with stones that fit well together.

Decorate your cold wall with plants

Enhance the natural feel of your cold wall by planting flowers and greenery in the joints. It gives a nice impression and fits particularly well with the more rural cold wall in irregular stone.

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