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Klassisk eller modern markstensläggning?

Classic or modern paving?

Marksten Modern Graymix with its stylish appearance laid in half-dressing!

Do you dream of a lovely patio in the garden? Or maybe a new driveway? We at Stenbolaget have paving stones that are perfect for functional, beautiful and social environments.

We guide you and compare the surfaces for your paving. Which stone do you think will come out the winner in this match?

Visby: For a classic paving with a soft impression

Marksten Visby Structure 50 is one of our absolute favorites at Stenbolaget and a ground stone that has gilded gardens around the country with new patios, garden paths and stable driveways for many, many years! The stone is beautifully tumbled which gives it its antique appearance with softly shaped edges. Visby is available in five different colours; gray and graphite as well as the color mixtures red mix, gray mix and terra mix. The gray shades are the most popular, but the warm red mix and the earth mix are also very popular with our customers. They contribute to a warmer feeling and a paving with southern European tones. Most people choose to create a patio with the stone in a laying pattern, the most common being half joints which in a simple way create a more lively paving. Of course, other patterns can also be created, perhaps a herringbone pattern is preferable for your paving? Although the stone doesn't quite produce a traditional herringbone pattern, you still create something creative and imaginative this way. You can also combine two different colors and build up a paving with sweet patterns.

Something that makes it extra creative is that the Visby series comes in a range of different stone models. You will find both paving stones in rectangular and square formats, curb stones and nicely matching bricks in the same look and surface treatment.

Marksten Visby Structure Gray

Marksten Visby Structure Gray laid in a herringbone-like pattern.

Visby flagstone

Marksten Visby Structure Gray with Curbstone Visby Graphite as a stable frame

Visby flagstone red mix

Ground stone Visby Structure Red mix with elements of occasional gray ground stones contributes to an increased effect.

Modern: For rooms with a clean expression

Marksten Modern instead of tumbled, has a sharp and very modern look with straight lines and a smooth surface. The stone is excellent for new construction and funky houses, but also in traditional environments where you want effective contrasts. Like Visby, Modern is also available in the popular color choices grey, graphite and gray mix. However, the warmer colors are missing from the palette. It is perfectly possible to combine different colors with each other and use in a laying pattern to create extra life.

Modern flagstone
Marksten Modern 50 Gray and Graphite create a nice contrast next to each other.
Marksten Modern Graphite
Marksten Modern Grafit provides a stylish paving and dark gray surface.
Marksten Modern 50 Gray mix
Let's hear! Are you classic or modern? Which flagstone do you choose?
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