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Granitkeramik Borghamn med intryck av riktig kalksten


Granite ceramics inspired by real limestone

Limestone is a beautiful natural stone, from nature, created by nature! A limestone floor contributes to warmth and comfort in the home and it is no wonder that limestone is so popular and well-liked. Our Granitkeramik and clinker Borghamn is a natural series of clinker tiles with carefully selected pattern images of just limestone! A premium slab with the limestone's own veins, fossils and unique patterning. They are simply more durable clinker tiles but with at least as exclusive a surface as the natural stone itself.
For hundreds of years, limestone has shown the way in both homes and public environments, and limestone comes rich in texture and natural features. Klinker Borghamn is a durable granite ceramic that provides durable surfaces in the home. A perfect choice for those who want to achieve the feeling of a real limestone floor but lay tiles with really good properties that last for a long time!

Granite ceramics is an exclusive building material that is manufactured under extreme pressure and fired at very high heat. The finely ground porcelain clays are dry-pressed and become a hard composition. This creates a compact ceramic tile that is both strong, wear-resistant and more scratch-resistant than other tiles. The hard pressed granite ceramic is extra resistant to spills and bags as the absorption is low. Klinker Borghamn takes the best of both worlds and applies nature's own surface in the home, while you get more maintenance-free floors and walls than if you laid natural stone.

Borghamn creates luxury in every home!
Nordic Stones - by Stenbolaget​​

Granite ceramics are a very popular material for both floors and walls in our Scandinavian homes.
As limestone and marble are softer stone materials, the tiles cannot always be installed where desired. For example, in the shower corner in the bathroom, where the stone can be damaged. Granite ceramics and the Borghamn clinker series make it possible and open the doors to all rooms and surfaces, including installation in shower corners. Granite ceramics are also a stronger choice than wooden floors, as the tiles do not wear in the same way and get marks just as easily as a softer natural material. Clinker Borghamn, an obvious choice with strong properties!

Brick Borghamn Mossa keeps a natural shade and lets nature move in!

Granite ceramics Borghamn from Nordic Stones
Borghamn Mossa​​

The great advantages of Granite ceramics and clinker Borghamn from Nordic Stones:

Frost-resistant tiles | Scratch- resistant and durable surface | Tiles well suited for installation with underfloor heating | Spill-resistant surface that does not attract stains | Installation for both floor and wall | Natural surface and vivid pattern images.

Left image Right image

Borghamn for a Scandinavian design

Granitkeramik Borghamn is manufactured with a unique appearance that lives up to the limestone's unique and historical elements. The Scandinavian limestone has long been in the direction of the trend and adorns both homes and gardens around our long country. In klinker Borghamn you will find earthy shades, a natural pattern and beautiful tiles inspired by nature's own limestone! Borghamn takes its inspiration from our Scandinavian limestone and provides a modern and inviting home environment.
Limestone has been quarried for centuries and acted as a building material for both homes, public spaces and a number of famous landmarks. And it is no wonder that the stone has become so popular over the years. The stone gives a soft and harmonious feeling and puts a Scandinavian design in our homes.

Klinker Borghamn is a durable granite ceramic inspired by limestone in particular. With the tiles' many different pattern images, you easily create life in your flooring or wall installation.
Some surfaces that can be difficult to lay real limestone in, you can easily solve with clinker Borghamn! Installation in the hall, bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom are all completely possible, the different formats make it easy to adapt your choice of stone to your unique room. Clinker Borghamn provides a spill-resistant surface that retains its luster over time!

Borghamn Light gray creates a lovely space
Nordic Stones - by Stenbolaget​​

Bricks Borghamn in three colors and four different sizes

Klinker Borghamn is available in a whole series and comes in three different shades and in four different tile formats. All formats can be adapted to different sizes of rooms and for special adaptations and solutions.
The light gray tile in the series gives a light floor and creates an open feeling where the light can travel softly along the surfaces.
Moss is a lovely shade with natural tones and patterns. The fossil elements become clear and the grey-green tone contributes to a sense of calm in the home.
Brick Borghamn Dark gray is our darkest shade in the series. The slab creates an eye-catcher and is also rich in patterns and speckled texture where warm elements enrich the stone extra. The fossil features and natural melanges in clinker Borghamn provide a timeless stone floor to be enjoyed for many years to come.

All shades and tiles in clinker Borghamn are available in the formats 60x60, 60x30, 30x30 and 15x15. The measurements are given in centimeters and the plates come with a thickness of 9mm. Perfect if you want to be able to play with different formats between floor and wall in your home.

The shades in clinker Borghamn: Light grey, Mossa and Dark grey. Tiles with natural patterns, fossil texture images that give a Scandinavian design and homely feel.

Borghamn with a surface of limestone and its three different shades!
Nordic Stones - by Stenbolaget​​
Borghamn Moss
Nordic Stones - by Stenbolaget
Borghamn Light grey
Nordic Stones - by Stenbolaget​​
Borghamn in its three shades
Light grey, Moss, Dark grey​​

Natural choice for different interior styles

Granite ceramics as a material and our clinker Borghamn is a stylish choice for all different styles of homes. Regardless of whether you live in a terraced house, villa or apartment, you create a floor with a warm feeling. The natural surface and the pattern that runs through the tiles fit into the classic as well as the modern home and are suitable for many different interior styles.
Klinker Borghamn gives a Scandinavian design to the home and brings out the natural in both floor and wall. The pattern of the limestone allows you to quickly create a welcoming atmosphere. Interacting with interior details in natural shades, earthy tones and furniture made of natural materials provides a coherent surface that further enhances the comfort factor. A welcoming hall floor, harmonious bedroom, natural kitchen and stylish bathroom. Regardless of the choice of room, you get a surface that quickly finds a home with tiles Borghamn!

Tiled floor, smart and stylish for the home

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