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Tiles are natural and solid tiles that work well for floors and walls in both private homes and a variety of public spaces. It is common to use them for floor surfaces in kitchens, hallways and bathrooms, but they are also an atmospheric choice in both bedrooms and living rooms. Regardless of your choice of room, you will quickly find a home with granite ceramics.
We tell you more about tiles and share tile inspiration for the different rooms!


When you want to lay tiles in the kitchen, you will find many options at Stenbolaget. We offer a wide range of granite ceramics in natural vintage, many different shades and a range of different formats. Clinker and, in particular , granite ceramics are hard-wearing materials that retain their luster over time. The tiles are just as easy to keep clean and work great as a splash guard behind the stove and sink.

Today, there is a wide range of tiles with natural stone's completely unique textures, which are perfect for different kitchen interiors and different kitchen styles. If it is a modern look you are looking for in your kitchen, you should choose a tile with sharp edges, large formats and preferably in an earthy color scale. It gives a simple and stylish impression to your kitchen. There will be an increased effect even if you try to keep the rest of the kitchen decor simple, but sometimes it can be a fresh element to break off with, for example, an accent color or rustic details in the room.

Naturally patterned clinker tiles are a healthy choice both for simpler flooring but also for creating a certain lively effect. Mix different formats between the surfaces in your kitchen to create another dimension in your household. If you choose a patterned clinker that goes in a stronger color scale, these can wear out faster, so a tip is to keep a natural look in your home. Clinker floors and walls are rarely refitted and it is wise to put extra thought into the choice of tiles. If you want to work with more color, one way to go is to select a few single colors that complement each other in a beautiful way and to put on a smaller surface or a separate part of the kitchen. Color can also be created with the help of wall color and interior details.

If you want more inspiration for kitchen decoration, you can visit one of Stenbolaget's stores and exhibitions. We have large displays of tiles, natural stone and granite ceramics, so you are guaranteed to find a tile for you. You can also see our selection and order online here at stenbolaget.se. Visit our various products and be inspired by both environmental images and images of unique tiles.


Tiles are a common sight in bathrooms and are something that you mainly use for the bathroom floor. Bathrooms, laundry rooms and shower corners are all different surfaces where wear and spill-resistant tiles are required. A couple of the great advantages of granite ceramics are precisely the resistance to spills and scratches. The strong properties in combination with the rich pattern images provide an easy-to-maintain bathroom to enjoy . If you are looking for inspiration for tiles in the bathroom, however, there are several things to keep in mind. Some parts are the size of your bathroom, the color of the room and the lighting of your room. Surface treatment and choice of tile size can really affect how you experience the room. For example, if you have a small bathroom, you don't want to risk it feeling even smaller. A recommendation is to always start from your bathroom's unique style and shape when looking for inspiration for your tiled floor and bathroom walls.


If you are looking for inspiration for small bathrooms, a recommendation is to choose tiles in a smaller format. It gives the room the illusion of being larger than it actually is. For the small bathrooms, it is also recommended to use light tiles as this also gives the feeling of a larger bathroom.

A common challenge for bathrooms with a small area is to optimize storage options without the room being perceived as cramped. If you want to have free floor surfaces, wall storage can be a good option - especially if you have found tile inspiration for a beautiful floor to highlight. Sometimes built-in shelves can be preferable even if it means that the surface becomes smaller. Then you reduce the feeling that the decor intrudes and makes the room smaller. It also looks good when you use built-in shelves on your tiled or clinker walls. Feel free to let the shelves blend in with the wall by tiling the compartments. Use the same plate on the entire surface for the best effect!

There are also other tips and tricks for small bathrooms to be inspired by. Using a glass wall instead of a shower curtain is one such example. With its transparency, the glass wall gives an open feeling and does not hide your beautiful tiled floor either!


Tile is a given alternative to the hall as it is both practical and beautiful. But it can be difficult to create a floor that stands out and gives the right feeling to the home. Many are tired of the classic options and are looking for tile inspiration that makes the home more personal. Granite ceramics from Nordic Stones give a Scandinavian feel and come with impressions of Nordic limestone . A very good choice for your hall floor! You let nature follow you in through the front door and get a hall floor that lasts for all everyday activities.

There are different ways to go to create a hall that stands out and gives you a daily atmosphere. For example, you can:

  • Play with wall color.
  • Create a cozy atmosphere with naturally patterned tiles.
  • Lay your tiles with underfloor heating.
  • Design with exciting laying patterns.
  • Choose tiles with a rustic texture and melange.
  • Flatten both the floor and the walls, this is where creativity comes into play and can create magic.

At Stenbolaget, we have stores with exhibitions full of inspiration for home and garden. Let our staff in store help you to a more personal home. The hall is particularly important as it gives a first impression of you and your home. Feel free to book an appointment for a free consultation and we will review your options together. We also recommend that you take a look at our range of granite ceramics , here you can really find your indoor environments.