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En trädgårdsdesigners bästa tips - Vi har träffat Jeanette Skålander!

A garden designer's best advice - We have met Jeanette Skålander!

Jeanette's 3 quick tips:

1. Don't rush!
Let the garden develop at the right pace. It should be fun and new ideas will emerge.

2. Think about the big picture.
Do not plot, but stick to a selection of materials and plants. Prioritize planting trees as these take a long time.

3. Invest in advice

If you're stuck, a garden consultation can be a good way to move on to realizing your garden dreams!

Hi Jeanette! Tell us who you are?

My name is Jeanette Skålander and I am the founder of Njuta Trädgårdsdesign. We are trained garden architects and garden designers. We are a member of Swedish Garden Designers, an independent association with the aim of working for quality, competence development and professional knowledge. Since the start of the business in 2005, we have helped hundreds of customers to have an easy-to-maintain, beautiful and functional garden.

Do you see any clear style trends in today's gardens?
We spend more time at home and the garden is an obvious extension of it. Cultivation is a growing trend where we like to try new exciting varieties. A greenhouse is often high on the wish list, as is a pool. At the same time, it is important that the garden is beautiful and, above all, easy to maintain. Natural stone is always in demand, although we see a trend with concrete slabs in really large sizes.

What would you say is important to consider before meeting with a landscape designer?
Our customers receive a checklist before our meeting that addresses questions about how the garden should be used. How much time do you want to spend on maintenance? What is missing in the garden today? A plot map is a must, contact the map department at your municipality if you don't already have one. It is also good that you have thought through the budget level.

One of your tips is to think about the whole when planning your new garden. What do you think is a nice way to combine different materials?

The most important thing is to choose materials that match both the character and style of the house. A modern funky house with large, square light gray concrete slabs gives a stylish overall look. Create interesting eye-catchers by removing a slab here and there to fill in with low plants, beautiful lake shingle or a splash of water. The patio may well have an irregular slate that breaks the lines. Corten steel edges along plantings and the lawn also add an extra dimension. Don't forget that lighting gives the garden an extra dimension!

What do you recommend your customers to consider in terms of stone and color choices?

Start from the house's color scheme. Brick houses in warm shades come into their own with natural stone, preferably with an irregular shape. Keep in mind that stone takes on a darker, more intense shade when wet (which it often is). It can be really delicious, or way too dark. A tip is to soak the stone you are looking at in the shop, it is also important to look at the stone in daylight. A flagstone with tumbled edges in mixed shades of gray is neutral and timeless. An excellent choice for large areas, driveways and corridors. Take the help of the professionals in Stenbolaget's stores to choose the right thickness of the stone for the area of ​​use.  

We see that people increasingly choose beautiful natural stone for their garden. When do you recommend your customers to choose natural stone?
Surfaces where durability is important, natural stone is an easy choice. The living structure feels cozy on patios, it feels welcoming at the entrance and highlights the plants nicely. A well worth investment over time.

What would you say to those who don't think they have a sufficient budget to hire a garden designer?

Getting help with planning is about coming up with a workable plan. A plan for the garden helps with establishment and costly mistakes are avoided. The cost of developing a plan for the garden is a small sum in the grand scheme of things.

We offer different levels of drawings, from simple sketches to more detailed content. But always with fixed prices so that the customer knows from the start what it will cost.

A well-planned garden is easy to maintain, functional and beautiful, which in itself increases the value of the property. Regardless of whether the customer wants to do everything himself or hire a contractor, the plan is an important tool in the process.

The most common assignments are newly built houses where the garden consists of gravel and lawn. They can't do much but want a beautiful and cozy outdoor environment.

The second is the family who bought an older house with an overgrown, difficult-to-maintain garden. They need to have a plan for how the garden can be adapted to their needs and living situation. Perhaps there is a pool on the wish list, a longing for a greenhouse or an outdoor kitchen adjacent to the seating area.

Finally, Jeanette, beautiful stone comes in many different shapes and colors. What are your personal rock favorites?
The granite slab is my absolute favorite! It fits in any garden, along with classic plants such as roses and lavender. And equally good for tighter plants such as bamboo, Japanese maples and ornamental grasses.

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