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Kostnad för att lägga marksten

Cost of laying paving stones

How much does it actually cost to lay paving stones on the plot? We tell you more about what determines the price and what you can count on for your project.

What expenses are incurred in connection with paving?

When you want to pave the plot with stone, some expenses are added in addition to the stone itself. Which costs arise can also differ greatly from project to project, but here we go through the most common expenses when you want to lay paving stones.

A common expense, regardless of whether you are going to carry out your paving yourself or with the help of craftsmen, is material cost. And then we are talking about materials for the substrate, ground stone, joint sand , fiber cloth and any treatment products. For the substrate itself, you need a supporting layer such as crushed rock and stone flour/stone chips as well as fiber cloth.

If you hire help, you also need to think about it labor cost. It can differ significantly depending on the nature and size of the project. The ground must be excavated, bearing layers packed, stone cut and so on. Here it is also important not to be stingy. Make sure to hire a serious craftsman who holds an F tax certificate and with good references.

If you are going to lay paving stones yourself, you also need to think about the cost of them tool you also need to rent machines such as ground vibrators and rock cutters. Of course, you can choose to leave some parts to the craftsman and take others yourself to reduce the cost. You can take part in our landmark guide here on the website where we tell you more about the different steps as well as the materials and tools you need.

What will be the cost of building with paving stones?

The cost of paving with flagstone depends, as I said, on the expenses incurred in connection with your project. In general, it is usually said that the material cost lands somewhere between SEK 200-500/m2. But it all depends on the stone you choose.

What the cost will be for the craftsman's job can differ significantly depending on what needs to be done. Behind each project lie unique challenges and opportunities. This applies not least to the ground work. Curved corridors with special laying patterns and many cuts are other examples that increase the cost as it requires more working time from the craftsman. If you also hire tradesmen to do the entire job, from start to finish, you can count on that to be the largest item of expense in your project. But then at the same time you get a professionally done job with a stylish and durable paving stone and a result to enjoy.

Do not forget that it takes some time to lay paving stones. If you lack experience and are going to undertake the construction yourself, you can count on it to take considerably more time than with the help of craftsmen. Perhaps you can perform certain steps yourself and get help from others? Feel free to ask us or listen to friends and acquaintances about their experiences so you don't get in over your head. But one thing you should take with you. Laying your very own paving is also incredibly fun. Being able to create a stone floor to be proud of when friends and family come to visit.

But what can the ground stone itself cost?

What the cost of the stone will be when you want to lay paving stones depends entirely on what you are looking for. We offer many attractive paving stones that are easy to handle. Our landmark Visby is our most popular product and a splendid example of an easy and affordable stone to lay. It has molded spacers that give the correct joint width automatically, one side with a structured surface and the other smooth, for installation according to taste. And a big plus is that it is available in several different colors and formats.

Marksten Visby Structure Gray

Do you instead want to put, for example granite slabs or slate tiles the cost per square meter will of course be higher. These are more exclusive materials where the craftsmanship is a large part of the product. Some natural stones may not be quite as easy to lay either, as there may be some differences in the measurements and thicknesses of the stones. Paving stone and irregular slate are just two such examples that are somewhat more difficult to lay and therefore take a little longer to lay. However, paving with natural stone is something out of the ordinary, timeless and sensationally beautiful and, above all, durable! a granite floor, slate tiles and paving will last a lifetime.

Feel free to contact us for free advice on your project. We help you find a good solution according to your budget with different stones and wishes for your new patio, driveway or garden path. From dream to reality!

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