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Offerdalsskiffer för en tidlös stensättning


Scandinavian slate at its best!

Classic slate in a pencil gray tone that creates cozy homes and gardens! Offerdal slate is a timeless natural stone that, through its many years of history and great craft traditions, has found a home in our gardens and urban environments.

Offerdal in Jämtland is the birthplace of slate and the place where the stone was processed and produced and still comes to life today. Offerdal slate has a classic expression and a style that you rarely tire of or go out of fashion.

Offerdal slate works in both garden and indoor environments and can extend the feeling and create a link between the different floors. Offerdal slate is found in many large public places in our long country and the frost-proof slab provides a surface that lasts over time.

The Offerdal slate usually comes with a so-called claw surface. A natural feature that few other natural stone materials can compare with. The slate gets a nice structure with an exclusive character. The claw surface contributes to the stone providing a good grip underfoot and ensuring when the sun's rays travel over the surface. But in addition to the claw surface, you will also find the slate in a brushed version , which is perfectly suited when the stone is to be installed indoors.

See the different surface treatments on Offerdal slate in the picture below. From the left in the picture you see: Natural claw surface, Brushed surface.

Offerdal slate in various surface treatments

Offerdal slate for a garden as natural as possible!

Offerdal slate outdoors is a real hit! Choose from a range of different formats, both in falling lengths, irregular formats, brick, stair cladding and beautiful pool stone for the summer pool construction. No matter where you mount the Offerdals slate, it will quickly find its home!
Slate works especially well in a lush garden or for houses with a classic style, log cabins and in gardens with embedded greenery. Create a contrast to your modern home or enhance the classic in the garden. Regardless of house style and surroundings, Offerdal slate increases both the impression of the garden and at the same time the value of the property.

Offerdal slate a classic!

Swedish slate for inside and outside

100% Frost-proof slate

Scandinavian slate

Create a beautiful transition between rooms

"Create an exciting transition between different rooms with Offerdal slate"

Offerdal slate in various sizes

The irregular Offerdals slate creates exciting environments and sets a lively stamp on the surfaces. Here, you design your paving from start to finish!

Patios, garden paths, outdoor kitchens and other social areas in the garden get an extra lift and the irregular format gives a unique experience in every garden. You rarely find a surface that is like another.
A wonderful solution is to combine irregular as with stricter tiles in the form of sawn slabs. Here you quickly and easily create clarity and get your garden to clarify boundaries between surfaces and the garden's floor to wander through different rooms without compromising on quality and materials.

Slate slabs most commonly come in descending lengths, but where the slabs stay the same width. This gives a beautiful outdoor floor where the joints end up more spread out and in itself takes the surface to a whole new level.

Offerdal slate in both slab floors and irregular shapes lays the groundwork for a fine spread of both shades and sizes. When choosing an irregular slate, the shape of the tiles must be adapted on site during the actual slate laying. For this part, tools need to be used, but you often get very far with just a ball hammer and chisel.

The size of irregular slate tiles varies greatly and both sorting and puzzle-making are required for as successful an installation as possible. This is a fun job that really opens up creativity and design. The end result is often a part of the garden you feel extra proud of!

Slate slabs in descending lengths
Irregular Offerdal shale


Slate in the home is a real hit

Offerdal slate for a living home

Offerdal slate is also a good choice for all surfaces of the home. Natural stone gives a living surface and sets its own stamp on the flooring. As well as tiles and clinker, the natural stone can be installed indoors. Slate also works perfectly with underfloor heating and can be installed on both floor and wall. The choices of surface treatments offer possibilities here and you can choose both a claw surface or the softer brushed surface. Perfect to be able to vary between surfaces or even get a nice break between floor and wall. With a brushed surface, you get a softer surface structure, not quite as rough as the naturally split surface. Regardless of the choice, both grey, blue and tiles that strike in green tones will be in the lot. Offerdal slate creates a natural floor you will enjoy. Choose from a range of different sizes in both sawn tiles, irregular shapes and square slate tiles.

Beautiful slate floor
Slate on the wall creates luxury

As Offerdal slate is a layered natural stone, it often comes in varying thicknesses and works perfectly for both garden paths, patios and public environments. Of course, plates can also be ordered calibrated and then with an even-thick plate for easy and faster installation.
Laying Offerdal slate is both creative, fun and creates exciting results wherever it is laid.
But it is important to take time into account. A perfect slate surface slowly comes to life and is not just thrown together. The stone may need to be shaped and adapted to come to its rightful place. Cutting is done most easily with a rotary cutter, motor cutter with a diamond blade if you want sharp cuts. Chisels, ball hammers and other stone tools can be used if you want natural edges and irregular joints, and in many cases you can find the right shape of slab by just searching through your lot. So a tip for you who are going to start your slate laying is to search through your lot to find the right one and get as good a start on the paving as possible.

Offerdals slate is available in both large slabs and slate that varies in a wider range. When installing irregular slate, it is common for about 15% to be wasted, especially if the surface is to be laid on a bearing layer and if the joints are to be laid tightly. The degree of spillage for Offedals slate applies to both indoor and outdoor installation. The easiest way is to include height in your order so that you have the material in place when you put the shovel in the ground.

Curbstone is a good product to keep in mind when doing a slate installation. Curbstones are installed around your new paving for as stable a slate floor as possible. The curbstone stands as a frame around the surface and provides stability to both the stone and the setting material underneath. Feel free to combine the tiles with a beautiful stone staircase or other natural stone products and add the finishing touch with a stylish slate crusher in Offerdals slate. Coherent and neat!

In our big slate guide , we go through some of the common choices and questions that usually arise with our customers. But also great tips and advice along the way to a successful slate installation.

Slate floor a natural surface