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Skiffergolv en naturlig yta


Choosing a type of slate can sometimes feel a bit tricky as there is an incredibly wide range of sizes, shapes and stone in different shades. A sure card for garden projects and indoor renovations is our Slate from Oppdal! Oppdal slate comes with a gray shade with nice patterning and shade changes that live freely over the surface. It is precisely the patterns and grain that give the floor an extra touch, regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors ! The Norwegian Oppdal slate not only maintains an incredibly high quality, but also gives a highly exclusive feeling and a luxurious impression where it lies. In the production of Oppdal slate there is great craftsmanship and a long-standing tradition. And one thing that is certain is that one garden area is rarely the same. Choose from a range of different formats, where irregular slate, sawn slab floors and square slabs are the most common in the series. With the different surface treatments antique brushed, silk brushed and natural, you can create an indoor environment that you really enjoy. And the natural claw surface gives Oppdal slate a beautiful impression and good grip underfoot all year round.

See the different surface treatments in the picture below. From the left in the picture you see: Nature, Antikborstad, Silkesborstad.

Let the craftsmanship Oppdalsskiffer move in!

Oppdal slate has been used in gardens and home environments for many, many years, and there is great craftsmanship and tradition in the production.

Oppdal slate is a richly nuanced natural stone from Norway. The stone strikes in light gray tones where some darker streaks, beige areas and almost blue plates can sometimes appear. A slate floor from Oppdal is rich in vivid patterns and creates an exclusive feeling in the home.

Oppdal slate is incredibly hard and you can install it in both private home environments and public spaces. The stone comes with great character and creates a solid feeling. Let the natural craftsmanship of slate move into your home!

Slate a craft

Long durability and longevity

100% Frost-proof slate

Scandinavian slate

Slate with a great tradition

"Oppdal slate a great craft tradition and an exciting history"

Oppdal slate in the home

Oppdal slate is a richly hue-changing slate from Norway. The stone strikes in light gray tones where some darker streaks, greenish-beige sections and next blue plates may appear. A slate floor rich in vivid patterns . For interiors such as floors and walls, slate from Oppdal is a perfect choice! The wear resistance and durability of Oppdal slate is very good and you can use it for all surfaces in the home. What determines is which room you are going to install and which and which processing on the slate you choose. For example, you should have a little more texture and texture in a bathroom so that your floor doesn't feel so slippery. Then it is clearly advantageous to have a smooth and smooth surface in the other rooms of the home from a purely cleaning point of view . A smoother or silk-brushed surface is easy to care for and cleaning is easier to do. Antikborstad is also an alternative to the surfaces of the home and here you get a stone that feels a little more rustic but still smooth and comfortable for the feet. You can adapt your choice of surface treatment to the different rooms, floor surfaces, wall mounts and create your very unique indoor environment. Oppdal slate is incredibly hard and you can install it in both private home environments and public spaces . The assembly of Oppdal slate is done with natural stone fix and joined with joint compound, which must also be adapted to light natural stone. Slate can also be fitted with underfloor heating as slate distributes the heat evenly and can store the heat.

Bathroom in slate
Shower with slate


Slate in the bathroom

Oppdal slate for a living garden

Installing slate tiles in the garden is becoming more and more popular, and the stone is playing historical wings over our gardens. Slate creates an outdoor floor that exudes luxury and a timeless feel where each stone slab is unique. No matter what environment you put slate in, you create a homely environment that sets the stage for socializing! Oppdal slate contributes to creating a feeling of luxury and makes the living garden even more natural.

In our big slate guide , we go through some of the common choices and questions that usually arise with our customers. But also great tips and advice along the way to a successful slate installation.

Oppdal slate comes in both shade differences and in different sizes, which means that you have to adapt your laying to the stone, and slate slabs usually need to be processed during the stone laying itself. This is a fun job that really kicks off and opens up creativity and design. Combining different formats of Oppdal slate in the garden can provide a nice break between the surfaces and create the feeling that you are visiting different rooms in your garden walk.

Beautiful slate flooring
Slate creates atmosphere

As slate is a layered stone, it often comes in varying thicknesses and works perfectly for both garden paths, patios and public environments. Laying Oppdal slate is both creative, fun and gives exciting results wherever it is laid. But you must have time and know that a perfect slate surface is not just thrown together. The stone may need to be shaped and adapted to come to its rightful place. Cutting is done most easily with a rotary cutter, motor cutter with a diamond blade if you want sharp cuts. Chisels, ball hammers and other stone tools can be used if you want natural edges and irregular joints, and in many cases you can find the right shape of slab by just searching through your lot.

Oppdal slate is available in both larger pieces and slate slabs that vary in a wider range. When installing irregular slate, it is common for about 15% to be wasted, especially if the surface is to be laid on a bearing layer and if the joints are to be laid tightly. The degree of spillage for Oppdal slate and other slate applies both indoors and outdoors. The easiest way is to include height in your order so that you have the material in place when you put the shovel in the ground.

Curbstone is a good product to keep in mind when installing a slate floor. Curbstones are installed around your new paving for as stable a slate floor as possible. The curbstone stands as a frame around the surface and provides stability to both the stone and the setting material underneath. Feel free to combine the tiles with a beautiful stone staircase or other natural stone products and add the finishing touches with attractive decorative stone in the desired shade.