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Rött kakel ger färgstarka hem

Red tiles bring colorful homes

Red tiles provide warming and colorful homes. In a wide color scale, the red tones can provide rooms with great variety. Choose between small or large tiles, matte or glossy, structured or smooth and add your personal touch to the home.


Red tiles create desire and joy in the home. Choose a tile in a suitable shade of red according to your home's personality and which enhances the room's potential.

Red is a color with deep and strong symbolism in both a positive and negative sense. It can evoke many emotions and act as both an intense and calming element in the interior of the home. Bright red tones usually energize and speak loudly in the room, while a deep red lends muted intensity. Usually, the red color scale is associated with love and warmth, but if the color goes more towards the blue, it can instead be perceived as colder.

Red is in many ways a classic color for houses and homes that offers many possibilities. In other words, it's hard to go wrong with red - a color that works for every room in the home, as a primary or accent color.


That the red shades are classic in the history of ceramics is not in itself strange. The unglazed tiles in earthy tones from the clay are one of our older building materials used worldwide. The mud gave life to new villages with houses and homes. From using dried clay to fired bricks and water-resistant ceramic tiles, the building became durable and over time also decorated with beautiful glazed tiles.

Bricks began to be burned as early as 4000-5000 years ago and were also decorated with glaze at an early stage. One side of the stone was gilded with the colors red, brown or white. In other words, the technique of glazing is very old and where the color red has adorned bricks and ceramics from the very beginning.


In Sweden, we use tiles primarily for smaller areas in the home and for wet areas such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. In addition, it is material that adorns public environments. And when it comes to the color scale, white and black are among the more popular variants. Red tiles, on the other hand, are a favorite that never goes out of time. Nowadays, however, we use tiles, clinker and mosaics in a wider sense than before and let the beautiful material also move into new environments. With inspiration from countries with more southern latitudes, we now welcome red tiles to the rest of the interior.


If you are interested in laying red tiles, it is good that you first take an extra look at the room and its conditions in order to create a pleasant environment. Format, surface treatment, color tone and location can create marked differences in how you experience the room. If you have a small room, for example, red tiles may be preferable in a lighter shade and/or for a more limited area precisely because the red should not make the room feel smaller.


At Stenbolaget, you will find many different varieties of red tiles. Here we share a couple of favorites that you can use for both classic environments and new rooms.

Kerion is a lovely series of tiles with Moroccan influences. The series includes plain tiles and also patterned ones with touches of red. The ceramic is very durable and works well for use on both walls and floors, outside and inside.

Tanticolori Rosso Mosaic is a beautiful glass mosaic in clear red color. Feel free to use to create details in the room. The mosaic goes well with white but also other colors in a similar color scale. You can use the mosaic for both floors and walls.

Rib is a tile series where you will find a large variety of tiles and also in red color scale. The tiles are perfectly suited for walls in dry and wet areas. The red tile is available in two variants with glossy and matt surface treatment, with and without bevel.

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