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Skapa en effektfull trädgård

Create an effective garden

Don't forget that your garden deserves to look inviting even during the hours of darkness. We have a lot of dark hours in Sweden, which means that we need good garden lighting.

Outdoor lighting can create a warmer atmosphere in your garden, a cozier atmosphere for dinner on the balcony, and also to spot light your beautiful lilac bush or thuja hedge.

A little outdoor lighting can do so much for your well-being in the garden, but it's not only beautiful, it's also functional and creates security!

Illuminate your garden wall

Whether you want to illuminate an apple tree, mark your new driveway or give your stone wall a beautiful glow, you will find a variety of lamps to choose from. The lighting creates an extra large effect if your brick has a cracked front. See our stable retaining wall Waxholm , this wall has exactly the surface we describe! The rough front surface of the stone for an extra effect when the lighting falls on the surface.

Connect your garden lights yourself

All garden lighting in our range is 12-volt and you can easily install it yourself without hiring an electrician. Perfect for being able to save on costs during construction.

Our lighting systems are very flexible and it is easy to connect and expand your loops. We are a supplier for brands such as in-lite, Lightpro and Lightson!

Most of the luminaires in the range get their light source from LEDs, which means that they have a very long durability combined with low power consumption. Long durability combined with a warranty period on the diode itself constitutes a safe choice when choosing garden lights.

With a simple series connection where all lights are connected to the same loop, you create incredible possibilities in the garden and conservatory. In the series you can find everything from decklights , integrated lighting, bollards , wall lighting , wall lighting, spotlights and lots of exciting accessories.

Do it yourself

Choosing a 12-Volt system makes it both fun and above all smart for the wallet. This is because, as I said, you can save on electricians and other installers.

All lighting is connected via a transformer and connected in series to the same type of system via cable and any T-connectors and smart accessories.

Depending on which lighting system you choose, you connect your lights to either a main cable or in a flexible series connection. We sell both lighting from Lightpro, in-lite and Lightson, which makes it fun to choose lighting for your garden. However, keep in mind that each system has its own transformer, its own cables and fully adapted accessories for each fixture.

If you need help choosing lights for your garden, just contact our customer service or visit one of our stores. Many of our stores also have stylish exhibitions where you can build on your inspiration further.

Spotlight Luna Silver

Create an effect with stone and lighting

There is no doubt that stone and outdoor lighting go well together. The stone's structure and surface treatment can lift and have a great effect when trailing light falls on the surface. This makes e.g. that a wall with a cracked surface, a granite wall , a step in your stone staircase or the granite pillar with a raw wedged front gets a proper lift and creates an exclusive frame during the dark hours of the day.. Even your ground stone with structure has an extra big effect when the light hits the stone .

Always plan the type of lighting you will use based on the needs and conditions of your garden.

Good luck

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