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Tips när du väljer klinker

Tips when choosing tiles

If you are renovating at home and looking for a durable material where both scratch and spill resistance are in demand? Then you have made the right choice in a granite ceramic slab. The tiles usually come in natural textures and shades to easily blend into the garden room. But there are a few things to think about during the journey towards a spotless floor. Everything from function to aesthetics!

We share our best tips when choosing clinker tiles!

Outdoor tiles for the driveway or around the pool?

Outdoor clinker is a durable tile that you can use for both walls and floors. There are also tiles you can use outdoors. If you want to lay the tile on a driveway, we recommend that you choose tiles of sufficient thickness and above all that you mount this in a way that makes it drivable. Installation of granite ceramics in these cases should take place on a reinforced and cast concrete slab, where the slabs are fixed and joined. If you instead want to use the tile outside around the pool, it is good with a surface that does not create a risk of slipping. Our granite ceramics with a thickness of 20mm are perfect for outdoor environments and are treated in a way that makes the surface easy to grip.

Indoor bathroom renovation?

The most common thing for Swedish homes is to use tiles indoors as a floor. Clinker and granite ceramic tiles, on the other hand, work excellently for walls as well, in wet and dry rooms. The tiles are easy to maintain and easy to wipe. When renovating the bathroom and laying tiled floors, it is also good here if you choose a tile with a rougher texture to reduce the risk of slipping. This applies above all in the shower. Tiles with a coarser structure, on the other hand, pick up dirt more easily and are not as easy to clean. When renovating a bathroom, there is thus a compromise between slip protection and how easy you want it to be.

Large or small clinker tiles?

In small rooms, smaller tiles are preferable. It makes the room feel larger. However, the trend is in larger plates and smaller plates are becoming increasingly rare to find on the market. Clinkers in smaller formats also take more time when tiling than the larger tiles. If you use the tiles in bathrooms, both large and small tiles have their place. The larger tiles create a space in the room, while the smaller tiles can pick up the case where this is needed. Often, mosaic networks of clinker and granite ceramics are broken off in those places. Examples of this are in shower corners, around floor drains and under washing machines. This year, tiles in larger formats are popular. However, they place even higher demands on an even surface for good durability. You can of course combine different formats on your floor tiles.

Dark or light tiles?

Which color you choose for your tile depends on the effect you want and of course what you think looks good. Light tiles make the room appear larger, while dark colors can create a nice contrast to light walls. If you have dark walls together with, for example, a white floor and ceiling, the room will be perceived as higher. And if you do the opposite, i.e. light walls together with a dark floor and ceiling, you instead give the room a long, narrow feeling. In the garden, on the other hand, dark tiles may be preferable if, for example, you want to create contrast and effect. Find your favorite slab, tile and granite ceramic and choose from a wide range.

Patterned tiles and trends

Heavily patterned tiles with strong colors, flowers and similar pattern images can attract you to a tile that you think looks good today but which you quickly tire of. Think both once and twice before choosing a clinker out of the ordinary. A safe bet is always to choose clinker tiles that are in natural patterns, go in the texture of natural stone and that interact with your tones in other parts of the home or garden.

Tiles that suit your home

Choose tiles that match the rest of the home and that reflect your taste and preferences. Take a sample plate home if you feel unsure about your choice of outdoor clinker and feel whether it is a good match for your home and garden!

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