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Äntligen en fin garageuppfart

Finally a nice garage driveway

The starting position

In the first picture you can see the old driveway after the garage had been demolished. When the excavator drove back and forth on the driveway, the rock formation "waved" and in picture 2 you can see what the driveway looked like after the extension was completed. The weight of the excavator had crushed the old "fine" paving.

Before start

This is how it looked after digging the foundation

And here when the extension began to be completed

6 years and two children later ;-)

Anyone who has renovated knows that it always takes longer than planned. In our case, it took 6 years before we got hold of the driveway. Part of the project was to "turn" the basement stairs that went straight out of the house. You always risked falling into it when you got out of the car. So now at the end of July what time it is. The stairs had to be removed so that the driveway could be overflowed.

The Gth staircase is removed with ancient holy hand power

New staircase cast

The container eventually became full

A good way to go

2 tons of shingle supplied for sub work

Choice of stone

Went out to Stenbolaget's store in Järfälla to choose stone. Lots of nice stones and hard to choose. In the end, the choice fell on OCALA graphite stone. 5 pallets were ordered and delivered 2 days later. In the meantime, ground preparations were made. The remains of the old paving were removed, 10 cubic meters were excavated, ground canvas was laid and 10 tons of shingle was laid out.

Choice of Stone

The remains of the old driveway gone.

Ground cloth and shingle in place

Some "old" stairs to remove

The flag in place. Just to deliver

Now it's starting to take shape

The ground vibrator is rented from ITEX and does its job well. Suddenly we realize that we missed ordering curbstones. Hangs on the lock to the store in Järfälla and manages to get the curb on the delivery later the same day. The house tax closely monitors what is done. When three sides of the curb are assembled and the setting sand is in place, the actual stone laying finally begins. It goes surprisingly fast. half the driveway completed in one day.

Smooth and fine

House skater Saga inspects.

Now things are starting to happen

You can already see how nice it will be

Then it was done (almost)

The second half of the driveway went quickly and then it was good to sweep out the settling sand. The cat Saga was the first to be inspected. The daughter thinks it is the best cycle track. Well, all that remains is to clean up a bit and lay out decorative stone around the house.

Then it was clear

Saga inspects

Dad can I really ride a bike here?

Oh, how well it's going

Just a little finishing work left

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