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En stendröm - Uppfart, gångar, uteplats & mur

A stone dream - Driveway, corridors, patio & wall

Starting point

Now we begin! Here we intend to build a house and around it we plan for a driveway with flagstone, walkways made of flagstone, a patio with slabs of natural stone and a retaining wall.

Before the start of the project

Preparatory work

In connection with the ground work for the house, we took the opportunity to lay down ground insulation (pink discs in the picture) under the surfaces where we planned to lay stone. We also filled in with rock crusher under the planned driveway.

Project start

For future lighting!

As a preparation for future lighting, we pulled out electricity (yellow pipes in the picture) to selected points.


Here we go!

After leveling and creating the right slope on the surfaces for the intended driveway, walkways and patio, it was finally time to get started. First up was the driveway and the areas in front of the rough entrance. We chose Bender's flagstone model Fantasi (anthracite). We chose to lay the stone in different directions. A "driveway" from the road under the carport, while for the other surfaces we followed the line of the house wall. As a frame around the various parts, we chose flagstone model Metro 50 (Benders).

The cornerstone is being laid

The cornerstone is being laid

Round shapes between garage and house

We wanted a soft shape on the stone-paved surface between the house and the garage. To achieve this, we laid stones on a larger surface than intended, after which we placed a stick with a string in the center of the intended circle. At the end of the string we attached a stone chalk and then we marked out the circle on the laid stones. After that, we could pick up one stone at a time and saw according to the marking. In this way we created an even circle. As a frame, we also put Metro 50 here, but it had to be sawn to follow the circle.

The cornerstone is being laid

The cornerstone is starting to fall into place

Retaining wall

We wanted a retaining wall in the garden, partly to create a feeling of different "rooms", partly to deal with the previous slope of the plot towards the house and to be able to create a fall from the house. First gravel in the usual order and then a little extra accuracy with the first row of stone. After the first layer was laid, it was very easy to build on, but the type of brick we chose (Mega mini). Also for the wall, we wanted soft lines and therefore let the wall take the shape of an elongated "S", seen from above. A staircase was placed in the middle of the wall. For the stairs, Megastep (Benders) was used. A greenhouse will later be built above the stairs.

Starting the retaining wall

Starting the retaining wall

ground stone

A triangle for cultivation

In front of the grove entrance and the house gable, we wanted to bring in some vegetation and therefore built a "cultivation triangle". We also built this from Mega mini.

Cultivation triangle

A patio has taken shape

We wanted to highlight the patio by choosing a different type of stone. The choice fell on Kalkstenshäll.

Starting limestone slab


Parallel to the entrance, we wanted a corridor that will lead visitors to the main entrance. Since the passage itself borders a stone-paved surface, we chose to mark the edges of the passage with Metro 50. We also chose a different direction of the stone we mainly built the passage with (Fantasy). Also for this time, the soft lines return. From the adjacent turning plan, we created a passage straight up to the main entrance.

stone paved surface

stone paved surface

The result

Here is the final result. We are more than satisfied. Now we've also had time to sow grass, make a perennial bed along the retaining wall, plant a tree in the circle between the garage and the house, and make a spice garden in the "cultivation triangle" in front of the farm entrance. Closest to the foundation of the house and outside the patio, we have laid decorative stone in the form of white and white marbled lake shingle.

stone paved surface

stone paved surface

stone paved surface

stone paved surface

stone paved surface


Just in time for the autumn darkness, some lighting has also been put in place along the retaining wall and we are illuminating a tree.

Garden lighting

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