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Farstukvist med stengång

Front porch with stone walkway

Role models

Here are some role models.


Little change

Here are pictures of when the small patch of limestone starts to take shape. The idea is to have a place to have outdoor furniture near the entrance.

Trying to get a template

Here it will be

Lots of rock, heavy

Plate ready

Here are pictures of when the patio part is now ready, the limestones are in place! Since the stones vary in thickness, each stone had to be laid, taken up and the substrate had to be adjusted. We chose not to lay ground cloth to get a more natural impression with green between the stones.

Excavated, flattened and laid shingle

Almost done, heavy but fun to see it take shape

Like that :)

Bad with updates

It's tough here, mostly because of the weather. What a bill and cold summer. Now the speed room floor is built and laid and also a stone walkway.

Time for the floor

The frame is located, very level

Down with leca blocks and a pair of pole shoes


The walk with limestone

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