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Från slänt till oas

From slum to oasis

Time to dig

The excavation went smoothly as the road was so close, just loading onto the flatbed. It is now that you start to be able to see what it will look like when it is finished.

excavation of slopes

Level difference versus road

Talk about a litter box

Start building

The wall is delivered. Time to start building. Down with electrical pipes, ground cloth, drainage, crushing material and everything so you don't have to redo anything later. Good workout driving a wheelbarrow.

Many turn the cart

On with 0/8

First rounds in place

Towards new heights!

When the first laps are completed, it goes, it goes fast. The lot at the back of the house feels much bigger now. Time to start with the pool construction and to fill up with soil in the planting.

The manager supervises the construction

The capstones in place

The pool deck and stairs are started

Winter break

The retaining wall project will be completed!

When spring comes, we can finish building the entire retaining wall project. All small details with the staircase with decorative stone and spotlights and sofa and a wooden corridor with lighting in the planting. Nice to plant some berry bushes and perennial plants.

Planting and site-built sofa

Planting by stairs

Stairs to the spa bath

Last but not least, the balcony floor

Now that the wall is finished, we can start with the final part, the patio floor. We have chosen to mix with both ground stone and wood seasoned with spits and a floor strainer of black polished decorative stones connected to a stone chest.

Ground cloth in place

Regulations on paving stones

Trolley in progress

Only the ground stone and the wedge remain

The balcony floor is ready

The oasis is ready

Now our oasis at the back of our house is ready. Spa bath with pool deck with storage underneath. Paved stone grill surface with a stone chest underneath and black decorative stone as a floor strainer. And most importantly, the Megawall retaining wall that holds the entire slope against the neighbor above.

The balcony

The boss is happy with the warm ground stone

Stone roundel with fountain

Plenty of room for food and sun

In the morning sun

Lamps and spits

We also wanted some subdued lighting in the evening. Spots in planks and ground stone as well as in the white decorative stone in the stairs to illuminate from below.. Also lights along the garden bridge and on privacy screens and storage.

Hot tub and stairs

View from the road

Marking we spit level difference

Spits to light up against the wall

Twilight image

Details and alternative solutions

We chose slightly different solutions for some data areas. Partly because the traditional way is a bit boring, but also to simplify. Maybe you can find something that you can spin on.

Black decorative stone instead of metal strainer

Large round paving stones and yard gravel

Paving stone for garden path and natural stone

Spit lights up the wall from below

White decorative stone with InLight spot

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