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Gammaldags stenmur

Old fashioned stone wall

The project starts!

We live in a house from 1910. The previous owner cut off the lot and then unfortunately the entrance to the house disappeared. In addition, the whole lot sloped, which meant that all the rainwater ran down to the neighbor. Therefore, we decided to make a good drainage, make a driveway so that we can drive the car down to the house if necessary, a proper parking space by the road and then level the front so that we can have garden furniture there in the best sun position.

Before. walkway, sloping patio.

We dig up 60 cubic meters of lake mud!

Excavators from morning to night.

You have to take a coffee break

The neighbors call the house "Villa Beirut" ;)

Now the drainage is done, the sectioning off towards the neighbor is complete and the front has been levelled. A lilac arbor has had to move and we hope it will be used as a hedge at the plot boundary instead. Time for the actual construction of the wall! Six Russian-speaking heroes do a fantastic job with the explosive. It takes a lot of concrete to make the wall last. I offer baklava and the children learn some Russian words :-)

The "view" towards the road

The wall is starting to take shape

The retaining wall for the parking lot

It turned out so nice!

It was a long and muddy spring. We jumped over planks to get in, and we longed intensely for lawn and some order in existence. When the wall was finished and we scooped out a huge amount of topsoil over the plot, it was finally time to sow grass and water.
The feeling of sitting on the porch and watching the lawn slowly but surely turn greener, and the stones changing color depending on the weather and as the day went on. It was so indescribably magical. Here, every stone had been laid with care, the guys knew what they were doing. They had even taken into account different color shades in the stone so that it would give a pleasant impression. This wall will be here for generations, I think. Now the fun begins; flower beds, flowering bushes, something that climbs... I love my little paradise on earth!

The new view

The wall in the evening light

Worth celebrating!

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