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Grindstolpar med belysning, ny parkering

Gate posts with lighting, new parking

Start- too far to shoot

To avoid shoveling 45m with fresh snow at 05.30, we make a parking lot next to the guest house. Gate posts with lighting at the parking lot and at the entrance.

The initial state - overview image

Ground work

Dax to plan the lawn and create an even surface. Surprisingly a lot of gravel before the mountain.

Excavation in progress

Molds and soles for gate posts

Built casting molds in form plyfa. Excavated 1.2m and put about 30 cm of macadam 16-32 at the bottom of the pit.
Maybe it was a bit oversized (500x500x950) but the posts will remain even when the Russians come. Measured the level with a borrowed laser level. Pulled out electricity in PEM hose and put 3 pcs 10 mm rebar in each post. Intends to put 8-9 post elements in granite with top and lantern.
Got a shape saw for the post that will stand on the mountain at the entrance. Drilled 3 holes for the rebars in the rock and secured them with anchor compound.

Gyrt form in mold plyfa

Measurement of the molds

Was fairly straight

Figure-sawn mold on the rock

The soles for gate posts cast

Cast the soles for the gate posts. 1.4 tons of rough concrete later, it seems to have gone well. Hired concrete mixer made a difference....

Molded sole at the parking lot

Sole on the mountain at the entrance

Overview of the parking lot

Casting ready at the entrance

The stone came again!

Yesterday, the stone arrived for the gate posts, the curbstone and cladding of the entrance stairs (spring project). Closer to 6 tons that would fit in three different places on the plot. Nice to have a crane truck, otherwise I would still be standing there...

The granite slabs for the stairs

The post elements and the curb for the car park

Curb on g

Post elements in granite

Unpacking the lighting

Have spent the morning unpacking the lighting and the idea of ​​attaching it to the posts. Been looking for a long time for large gate lanterns, hard to find stylish ones that don't cost 12' each. Finally found a larger one at Norlys (http://www.norlys.se/?ItemID=1169), maybe at least 64 cm will do.
On the posts at the entrance, we will illuminate the posts with ground spotlights to mark the entrance and illuminate the house number sign. Was looking for a swivel and tilt bar that can handle a dimmer LED, GU10. Got one from SLV (http://www.bellalite.se/markarmaturer/dasar-115-gu10-rund-taeckplatta)

Unpacked gate lantern

Dasar ground spot, GU10

Rain, rain, rain

The weekend was supposed to be used to brick the gateposts but was stopped by rain and more rain. Instead, I had to break the molds and lay out a new bearing layer (stone crusher 0-16) and then pea single 8-16.

The mold a thing of the past

The mold a thing of the past

Left sole

New bearing layer + shingle at the entrance

Rain, rain and some sun

The weekend didn't go quite as planned. Partly rain and more rain, but also that the planned flushing well for the drain went awry. We dug for the drain (3m deep) but there was nothing there. Since it's all mountains, there are blasted graves for the drain but they were empty, just fill. It turned out that the mapping and the subsequent survey 20 years later went wrong. Turns on 7m. Will have to dig up in the right place later. Probably one of the foundations for the gateposts goes here.
The weekend was spent gluing the first post elements. Tip is to glue the first ones and pour concrete into the hole. Surprisingly how easily they come to "slide".

Macadam at the bottom

The first post elements and the curb

Left side curb complete

4 out of 9 blocks in place


New attempt to find the drain - excavation

Digged it all up at the beginning of the week. Finally found the drain and was able to install the cistern.
Since the drawing was wrong by 7m, the drain was obviously directly under one of the recently cast post elements. Had to lift away and try to put it back in balance. Laser pass notwithstanding, it won't be easy.

dax to look for the drain

7m error against the drawing

Flush well in place, dax to fill

Ground cloth & bearing layer

Finally, things are starting to move in the right direction. Build instead of tear down. The ground cloth in place last night with light storm winds. Became a stepping stone to hold it in place until the crusher comes.
Due to the schedule and booking a long time ago, the stone crusher came 0-32 today, even though the curb on the right side of the parking lot is not ready. Will have to deal with it anyway.
Looking forward to the weekend when the posts will be glued up and the right-hand side curb set.

Bearing in progress

12 cubic stone crusher 0-32mm

Ground cloth in place

The entrance posts in place

Good weather is appreciated. Finally, the gate posts at the driveway came into place. Glued the last 5 stones and poured with concrete inside. Turned out well. Disconnected the electricity but waiting for my friend to plug it in.
Tomorrow it will be cleaning up and finishing the parking lot at the guest house.

The gate posts at the entrance road

Left post - ground spot missing

Right post at the entrance

Pillar ready

Waiting for single and electric...

Sunday and the weather is fantastic. In the end, it was possible to finish the most extensive parts of the parking lot at the guest house. The gate posts are glued, the electricity is wired (not connected) and the road drum and the walls towards the ditch are cast. Have spent 1h on vibrating and can state that it will drop significantly during the winter. Digging up drains to a depth of 3m will have its price...Now we are waiting for shingle 4-8mm on Wednesday and hopefully the electrician during the week.

The gate posts at the parking lot

Hard to get it even

Even if you vibrate and rake for a long time

Guest house parking soon ready

Let there be light

This week it was time for electricity. 70m of cable would be connected and given life. So far I have been skeptical of LED because of the cold light, but I may have to reevaluate (possibly it was too warm and dim) 6 light sources on the gate posts draw a total of 10.4W which is controlled by a twilight relay (which controls the rest of the garden lighting).
Inside the posts, we didn't just cast up, but left the last post element "hollow" to accommodate the junction box and cord. So far, the top cover is loose, but 45kg does not move at first.
The ground spits are still only buried and positioned. Will be fine-tuned in the spring when the grass and curb stone will be laid around the driveway.

The junction box is placed in the post

Connecting ground spit

Took time and became night work

Clear in the end

Then it was finally done. The single is in place and the electricity is connected. Covering the post foundations in cladding granite will have to wait until the spring, as will the laying of curbstones at the entrance.
Considerably more work than planned, but we are very satisfied with the result.

The driveway with the gateposts at dusk

The new parking lot at the guest house

The parking lot from the right

Entrance on the day

Parking during the day

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