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Illuminate a.k.a. Project "Lighten up"

Illuminate aka Project "Lighten up"

Lighting plan

A lighting plan is drawn up for the best overview and results.

Lighting sketch

Luminaire placement test in daylight

Here I plan the placement of the luminaires in daylight.
In the evening, my wife walks around the plot with a strong flashlight to test the effect of the lighting on the marked places. An effective way to find the "right feeling of light".

The pines on the plot get a Scope or Forza/Nero

Of course Eva Solo's birdhouse must be illuminated...

The cement bench, a given location for a Stonepillar

The balcony will have recessed lighting, Fusion 60

a beautiful silver pear deserves a Scope...

Continuation planning

The planning phase continues

The stone garden, maybe a fish-eye 15x15

Yes, a fisheye between the elephant grass and the screen

The newly built wall is prepared for Blink

The entrance may be bordered by bollards model fisheye low

The mint garden at the entrance, maybe fisheye again

Let there be light in your heart..

The fixtures are now in place and the pictures are taken in both twilight and darkness. What a difference, it's a whole new plot. The first night it felt like walking through the wardrobe and coming out to Narnia. It was fabulously beautiful. What lighting can do a lot in a plot.

FlowerPot Garden. A design classic break…

Fish-eye low. Stone part at the entrance.

Fish-eye 15*15. The plantation at the entrance.

Blink. On the wall along the entrance.

Another Verner Panton Flower Pot Garden...

Let there be light in your heart... part 2


Stonepillar+Fish-eye. At the cement bench.

Life. Among pots and birdbaths.

Scope. Swinging boy....

Scope. At the foot of the pine tree.

Scope. The birdhouse gets a nice shine.

Let there be light in your heart... part 3

Now the balcony got a lighting review as well. Very nice!

Fusion 60. Palm Beach or Neck?

Fusion 60+Scope. The acacia takes on a warm glow.

Cubid+Fusion 60. Quack, quack say the ducks...

Cubic. Spa in your mind...

Let there be light in your heart... part 4

Continuation balcony.

Fusion 60. Nice by the stairs.

DB-LED RVS. Against the balcony railing.


Fusion 60. Spaghetti-(chair) is nice...

Let there be light in your heart... part 5

The grand finale.
Spontaneous pictures from slightly different directions.

Scope. The silver pear comes into its own.

Fish-eye low. Spectacular entrance with bollards.

Nero. ...burning Elephant grass...

The Villa by night...

The many...

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