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Inbjudande entré och stenlagd uteplats

Inviting entrance and paved patio

Before the project

This is what our front page looked like before the project started. The first thing that had to be done was, of course, to clear away everything outside the house :)

nails, gravel, sand, etc

The ground must be raised and levelled

A not so inviting entrance

Stone must be laid all the way to the mountain

Even out

Already when the ground became smooth and fine, the project felt positive

Basic work

Basic work

Looks much nicer now

Shales are starting to come into place

The first slate tiles give a good impression

Outside the laundry room, top view

towards the slope

rolled some lawn in the middle of it all

The shale surface is growing

between slope and Slate, an edge with granite

The stone laying is gaining momentum

Slate begins to be laid out and bordered by granite stones so as not to move outwards

Wooden deck meets slate between playhouse and house

The entire surface is almost laid

Prospective discount against the neighbour

granite edge between parking lot and lawn

The entire surface is paved

The paving will be completed

We are starting to see the end, have got a nice granite staircase down the hill which would have to be much longer though...

Five steps was a bit small but neat!

Slate meets wood

The joint remains

The paving is getting ready


We chose Romex hard joint and are very satisfied with the result. A small detail remains around the posts though, this must be filled in with stone to reduce the risk of rotting

before joint cleaning

First hinge joint laid out

surface jointed

around the posts had to be dug out...

and here goes in decorative stone

Almost done!

One detail left and it's around the posts, the rest is done and we are very happy with our nice patio and entrance. I am impressed by how nice it turned out myself!

Almost finished

Irregular flagstone

How beautiful!!!

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