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Mega drive - Vår nya garageinfart!

Mega drive - Our new garage entrance!

Order paving stones for the driveway...

After stomping in soil, gravel and mud for 6 years after the drainage we did when we moved into the 1950s villa 6 years ago, it was finally time for .. STONE on the driveway. A bit of surfing and design in photoshop, I found out which stone and how many of each kind!? Many thanks to the staff at Stenbolaget Järfälla who helped to check so that the order was correct. 20,000kg 5600 stones !! BENDER STYLE

After a little photoshop, this is how we want it!

Last splash rock crusher (0-30mm) 4 cubic

Mera Stenmöjl (0-4mm) 7 cubic meters to 160 square meters

Megawallen can rule, the strings are pulled!

The granite stairs in place!!

New granite stairs and paving in front of the entrance porch in place ;O). What a lift, earlier we walked on trampled mud... so nice finally it's starting to look like it should.

New granite stairs

Retaining wall with class!

Only the flowers that are missing now (may become a holiday project). The new retaining wall welcomes visitors to the back (previously collapsed soil and weeds, trampled mud path for 6 years).

Retaining wall with class!

Megawallen can rule, the strings are pulled!

A little trick to get a good wall corner.


"The goal is nothing, the path is everything!"

Not wrong with a little drink at the end of the road..

Not wrong with a little drink at the end of the road..

What are you doing dad? ;O)

Cheerleader and critic-jury :O)

The driveway! Focus..

Now it is high focus that applies. the construction team has the Photoshop image in their heads, it must be nail-straight. Properly vibrated stone flour with a 350 kg machine, so now the substrate must hold 2.5 tons of Foorden.

Megawallen can rule, the strings are pulled!

Good work! The sun goes down

Just leaning on the pros.. Thanks!!

The son is visiting, the father-old man knows his stuff ;O)

!Tumbled curb on top!

To avoid cutting into the graphite stones, we correct the width on the hedge side and have just enough room with the tumbled curb stone on the high edge. It is enough to keep soil away and is good support for the snow thrower in the winter ;O),

The son is visiting, the father-old man knows his stuff ;O)

The stone comes into place

Dax for flexifog!

The weather fluctuates rain, sun ... Thursday! The phone says SUN but then rain for 4 days. We strike, nosing the flexi hard joint there. Then we can forget weeds and maintenance on the new driveway (hopefully). Sweep out, vibrate, refill, Shower with Water! Clear!!

All the pebbles gone, now all the joints are open

One last inspection before joint sand! Looks good!

Brush, brush (so far blue sky, pooh)


Finally done!! Vacation ....

Now we are finally ready, the joint has set. Today we roll the cars in!

begins becomes clear

The result

The result

Milestones, results

Finished wall

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