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Min snygga stensockel

My pretty stone plinth

First idea

My first idea was to have a real stone foundation, one that is usually found on older houses. But after a while of searching, I realized that: Paying SEK 2500-3000/m would amount to approximately 10% of my total construction cost for the entire house. And those, just because I want an "older" look. I had to think again..

I wanted a foundation like this..

Choice of product

I searched for a while among all kinds of stones and cladding stones. But the problem was that "real" cut stones would be too expensive and the cladding stones would be unseamed at the corners. That's when I found the stone company's cladding granite, for which there are also special corner stones, precisely so that it won't be seen that it's just cladding.

The project can begin

Now the decision to use cladding granite has been made and I have to figure out what will be the load-bearing part of the construction. The alternative of using leca stone became a fairly simple and obvious choice. With its light weight and different dimensions, I could easily brick and adapt them to the granite. Note that I cast level differences in the sole in order to use different dimensions in the first round to make it even. This means that I don't have to cut wedges and also reduces the consumption of concrete.

The foundation

The foundation takes shape

The foundation is ready

There you go! now the foundation is ready and the carpentry can begin. Admittedly, it is another chapter, but they can be a bit of interesting inspiration as well. :) Note in the first picture that I have made a small edge for the granite to stand on. It helps reduce the stress and demand for the fix.

The foundation is ready and the carpentry can begin

Some other inspiration

For example, how to get the ridge on a flat surface.

Fixing the granite

Now the paneling and the outside of the cabin are starting to be finished, and it is finally time to put up the granite stones.

Almost like tiling more fun.

A little sheet metal work under the panel

This is how nice it gets.

The end result - yippee!

Finally done with the foundation! I'm very happy with the result and extra happy that the weather was nice on the last nice pictures :) I hope I can inspire someone at least. Now I'm going to sit back and let myself be inspired by all the other nice and fun projects. Because I have thought that the patio, the garage driveway and a whole lot of other projects are left, where stone can become part of the construction. Thank you for reading about my project. / Etc. Anders

In any case, the stone base turned out nice

Now I only have the rest left

And the drip tray also disappeared

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