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Mitt fina växthus

My nice greenhouse

Before it all started

Before everything starts, we have to clear away weeds and get rid of the ugly playhouse that stands there today.
The big birch that is there also had to drop some branches.
The boring job of casting terminal blocks starts.

ugly playhouse for sale

terminals, 11 required

Time to build

Finally the plinths were in place and it was time to start building.
We had to start from the dimensions of the windows I found, so the greenhouse will be approximately 4X2.50m.
We raked out sand and went several times with the roller. I have always thought that the English greenhouses with a small wall are so nice but after consulting with the stone company I was advised to put a fake wall with their "cladding granite rustic" because if you want to make a real wall you have to cast a slab and that was nothing we thought to do. We were a little nervous about installing this cladding granite, but once you got the hang of how to do it, even the little guy could help.

Terminals in place

The frame is ready

starting to put up the wall

Small aid kit

First roof then floor

When we put on the roof, we put the floor before the windows were in place, so as not to sweat to death during the work.
I chose flagstone "fantasia antique" also from, can you imagine - the stone company! :)
It came on a pallet and lay in a pattern that we intended to follow, but it didn't turn out that way at all, but still good.
We also got the tip to buy their joint sand, which when you water it carefully solidifies and becomes hard so that no weeds grow up. Great, if it works. The joint is hard now so it should work

Stool with the pattern



close-up of joint

Window and interior

Finally time to put windows and do the inside, we put paneling and painted. And painted and painted.
The ugly old patio doors were spruced up with some moldings, paint and window plastic.
Outside the greenhouse, we laid a border of blasting stones that we were lucky enough to find and then filled in with sea shingle in black and white mottled. Difficult to determine the amount needed, but we hope 10 bags will be enough.

Finished floor with joint

Black and white lake single

the outside

Nice with stone

Time to enjoy!

Finally done! At least until I get around to expanding...;)
I am very happy with my nice greenhouse and also all the help and support we received from the stone company when it comes to choosing materials etc.
Now I have to start farming!


The greenhouse

The inside

Thanks for us!


Even the packaging that the stones were delivered in was used in the form of a hut...but not my project...

The hut

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