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Ny entré och uppfart

New entrance and driveway

The thoughts are spinning

We bought a mexite brick house from the 70s a year ago. The house needed some love and we thought we'd give it that.
We wanted to start with the driveway and entrance as it was in dire need of renovation. The tiles were mossy and cracked, weeds were growing everywhere and the pitch of the tiles was all wrong. The well was broken and rusty with a drain that had seen better days.

Driveway and entrance before renovation

Depressing view from the front door

The parking lot - full of weeds

Old rusty well

Front - before

Inspiration and planning

Now it was a matter of getting all the thoughts to fruition. We sketched and measured how we wanted it. We surfed many blogs and websites. We often got stuck on Stenbolaget's website, where we found very good pictures with inspiration and videos about how to think. Stenbolaget was the obvious choice as we also live near Sköndal. We went there and got very good help and advice on what to think about. We had a pretty clear idea of ​​what it had to cost and roughly how we wanted it to look, but they helped us develop our idea.

The website was very educational and inspired.

Stenbolaget's store provided good inspiration...

...at good prices

The first sod - the first obstacle..

Now it was just a matter of driving, we thought, and calculated the time to be just over a week's work for two guys. We couldn't have been more wrong…
When we started to dig, we noticed that the house was sealed from the outside with asphalt and gold fiber. The gold fiber was so wet that water ran over it. It was just to start re-draining before we could lay new tiles.
We first had to dig and then it was time to blast away the asphalt and then plaster the wall with new plaster. Then replace the drainage pipe and insulate with new material. Not only that - there was a blockage in the stormwater well, so we had to clean it out with the help of a good high-pressure washer.
Summa summerum - plus just over a week before we could start with the original project.

The wall, tiles and stairs are gone.

Newly plastered wall and the old drainage pipe.

Finally, the big hole is being filled again!

It is important to do everything correctly.

Fix with the well pipe so it works .

The creation of a new staircase

The staircase that was there when we moved in 1 year ago was really in dire need of renovation. We decided to redesign it. Previously, there was a small wall next to the stairs that you always had to jump over to take the fastest way to the garage - it smoked and instead we created a large staircase at an angle. We looked long and hard at the Stenbolaget's inspiration pages and found the stairs we wanted. It was to be made with blocks of granite. We drew up the exact measurements and took them with us to Stenbolaget in Sköndal. With their expertise, we were able to solve the resulting puzzle. Many different sizes of blocks were required to create a nice staircase. We first poured a frame of concrete and reinforcing mesh. Then we "glued" the stone blocks onto this.

Heavy work, several hands are needed.

Tricky to get to the corners.

Frame of concrete and rebar.

The wall before the hammer came forward.

The angle grinder became our friend.

Stylish and good drainage from the house

When we bought the house, we knew that the drain at the entrance was in need of supervision. At Stenbolaget, we had seen nice wells that felt a bit modern. We wanted these. It turned out to be a good decision. Smooth and relatively simple assembly. Works perfectly in really heavy downpours like we had this fall.
It was a nice transition with granite curbstones and decorative stone towards the existing rock.

The new day well is in place.

Correct tilt is important. Trying stone patterns.

Laying stones - finally!

The dump became a playground

On the right side of the garage we have a parking space for a car or as we have it now, a ping pong table.
It was really in need of a facelift, broken tiles and lots of weeds.
There was a small obstacle in the way of getting it right - a "small mountain".
This "small" mountain turned out to be the peak of a larger mountain.
All said and done we rented a rock drill, we used sledgehammers and after a few days of hard work we get it the way we want it. We are not the ones who see obstacles but rather opportunities - we removed the mountain and we got a really good surface where we can play table tennis or park a bigger car.
New tiles and voila - a perfect place without weeds!


The mountain has become smaller.

Curb towards the neighbor.


Playground instead of rubbish dump.

Well that ends well

Now, after a lot of hard work, we can enjoy our nice front with good drainage and nice evening lighting. The feeling of coming home is wonderful and we are so happy with the result.

Our new beautiful staircase and well.

The hallway leading to the entrance...

The house got a proper facelift.

The lighting - the icing on the cake

The lighting really does the last bit. We have started this work by placing spits in the stones we laid so that they light up the wall and the stairs. The effect in the evening is really cozy. It feels welcoming to come home after dark. Now we can enjoy our nice driveway!

Welcoming lighting.

Now we can enjoy our project!

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