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The pool building

Before the first sod.

Slanted as summer time was yellow with dandelions and burnt grass.

The slope before construction

First sod.

The fear that there would be mountains under the grass, thankfully, turned out to be unfounded. The digger did his thing.

First sod

The pool is being built.

The pool was to be cast and first the frame was built.

Cast pool

The pool cast

The pool cast in the form and heat pump installed.

Cast pool with heat pump

The pool is filling up

The pool was filled. Still the balcony all around had not been started.

Filled the pool

The short side

The short side before the heat pump was built in under the balcony.

Short sided pool

The short side part 2.

The short side seen from the back.

The pool from the back

The wall begins.

The wall that extends begins. The existing terrace is to be extended and the wall will be an extension of the long side of the pool.

Start of extension of the balcony

Balcony extended.

The balcony was extended along the short side of the pool. The far part is extended to cover the heat pump. The fence is erected to prevent neighbors from seeing in.

The balcony extended

Lecablock+ slate= true!

The entire long side of the pool was covered in leca blocks. After the end of the pool, we continued to build a wall of leca blocks. After that, everything was dressed in Offerdal's slate. The pool is not visible from the street/garden, even though the water surface is level with the old balcony and wall.

The balcony and pool seen from the front

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