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Skifferbelagd Uteplats

Slate covered patio


In the fall of 2011, we buy this renovation object from 1952 where nothing has been done since the early 70s. We start with the most important first ie new tiled roof, heating system and windows. In parallel, we start with the most necessary renovations indoors so that we can move in in time for the first advent. In the summer of 2012, we will repaint the facade and take care of the overgrown plot. In 2013 we build a storage room and continue to struggle with the plot and all the fruit trees. The plans for the old patio are starting to take shape and we decide that it will be paved with stone but that it will be the 2014 project.

Overgrown with the balcony being swallowed by the ivy.

Our renovation project from 1952

Waiting for a new plaster facade.

Garden control.

Time to tear up planks and move bushes.

Tear dig measure

In the spring of 2014, we started by tearing down the old plank and digging up five 100 kilo concrete plinths. The old tiles are swept away, vegetation is dug up and then deployment of measuring points and post shoes for our new wooden plank begins. Some tiles had to remain because they were lower than the others. Order concrete gravel, there will be a total of eight bags, lay out the ground sheet and build up so that everything is at the right level.

One of the old concrete plinths.

Measuring the size of the patio.

Painstaking underwork.

Painstaking underwork.

Ground cloth and then construction.


On one of the hottest days in the summer of 2014 (+32), we hand-picked stones for our wall at Bålsta gravel pit. Now the foundation is laid for how straight the wooden plank should be in the end. Screws posts and fixes with planks. Building section by section, constantly making sure everything is straight. Saws, paints, saws and paints.

Pole shoes and stone in place.

Continues to fit stones.

Puts posts in place and fixes.

See how the sections grow.

Everything should be as straight as possible.


Creates a frame to hold the concrete gravel in place. Scoop and fill with lots of gravel. Time to compact the substrate. Run the entire surface ten times with a so-called toad. The result was surprisingly hard and nice.

A frame with slate tiles forms the front.

Time to compress.

More padding

The result exceeded expectations.


Time for the berry layer. Begin by laying a thin layer of fine concrete to further stabilize. Then fill with gravel approx. 5 cm and level with a plank against the strip strips that I laid out, but which are later removed and filled again. Then begins the laying of the stone slabs, which are a slate stone "Bergslagen" measuring 30x60 cm, the thickness varies between 2-3 cm. Flatten an area and make sure it's stable underneath so the stones don't lie and wobble back and forth. A new area with bearing layers, leveling off and more tiles. Make sure to water the surface every few days so the concrete can burn and doesn't dry too quickly. Fun to see how the patio takes shape after all the digging, measuring, sawing, painting and other hard work.

Add gravel to the bearing layer.

Level off and on with tiles.

New surfaces with bearing layers and tiles.

It's starting to behave.

Now there is not much left.


The last tiles are laid out and then it remains to cut some curb stones and fill the joints with gravel. In November, the tiling was finally completed. Unfortunately, we have to wait until spring for the last small adjustments and a long winter awaits.

Not much left.

Some edge adjustments remain.

Waiting to be exploited.

A substantial new patio.

Some fixes remain at the discount.


Spring 2015 is here and it's time to finally complete the patio project. There are still some small pieces that need to be bricked up and to cast a step up to the site, which is also clad in Bergslagen slate. Then it was ready to use and just enjoy the beautiful slate stone. We are completely satisfied.

Molding of steps.

Sun deck.

From the front with newly cast steps.

50 square meters of lovely slate stone

Plenty of room

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