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Shadow rest


The starting position. A poorly drained corner of the plot. The lawn doesn't like the situation. Wet feet. No, here it will be crunchy gravel instead!

The discount measured

Place for climbers

The lawn with top dressing, stone would be better

The balcony before expansion

Soft values

Placement of the plants ready, discounts started. The gravel walk a thought so far. . .

The rebate with fine steel edges

The new balcony with a discount around the tree

Dashed hopes...

that the lawn will one day find its way into this dark corner. Now it's finally going to be a bit of a mess with gravel, cobblestones and nice flower beds instead. Plus the carport should have nice tiles as a finish instead of the stone flour that is there now. The tax refund must be burned on something, stone and gravel tjohoo!

The dark corner

The lawn can't take it

This corner feels uncomfortable

The carport's stone flour wants to live in the house

'Shadow Rest' I wanted to create here

The sketch

This is what my sketch looked like with the paving stone so that we can walk dry-shod from the garden and carport into the guest room. It's mainly about the lawn not getting here and that stone therefore becomes a huge lift! We have thought about how much walking we need, we don't run back and forth to the place under the stairs, but here the small street stone is a frame that creates several flower beds and an edge to the planned gravel area by the neighbor's house. A little luxurious perhaps, but the paving stones connect to what is already on the front of the house. Oh, how I've measured and calculated to be sure that a large bag of paving stones will be enough, but it might even be left over for the rebate edges.
I have let go of my idea of ​​having gravel in the carport as well. After consulting the experts at Stenbolaget Sköndal, I realize that when we still do the sub-work, it is just as well to lay tiles. Smågatsten would have been nicest because we have it on the front, but I have found a nice black slab, Drottningholm - Stenbolaget's own concrete slab with three sizes that create a living variety. I think it will be super nice with our black wooden facade! The big win will be finally, after four years in the house, getting rid of all the gravel that gets pulled into the house and the car. Not a day too early!
Now the materials are ordered, hope the weather cooperates now!

The sketch

The Drottningholm plate in grey

Now things are happening!

Today the street stone will be laid! The little guys are tagged! Esben likes the pile of gravel the most, Hugo wonders: "Aren't you going to push these stones down soon, mother?" about the paving stone that will become a discount border. Yes little friend, what if it was as simple as just pushing a little and the stone dropped to the right height! Then this would be done in a jiffy! I explain that the soil cloth and rock crusher must go down into the hole that has been dug up. But the paver works fast, so we will probably finish this part tomorrow. Then there are the tiles left! We go on a little nit (a heavy one) when we get a ton of rock crusher over. The poor soil explains why the grass did not thrive here. Only 10 -15 cm down was crushed stone from when the house was built in 2010.

Fun with gravel and a shovel

Aren't you going to push them down here soon?

Yard shingle or decorative stone, difficult!

Now ideas become reality, damn what fun!

The small street stone is in place! Imagine being able to walk in dry shoes in this wet part of the grounds. That 5 square meters of paving stones can make such a difference! Now that this awkward corner of the plot has some structure, it suddenly feels appealing to plan the flower beds. It's sort of manageable now. . . The planting sand is barely in place before I stick around and buy some autumn anemones and a couple of flock of stars to plant here. Impatient is just the first name. . .
How the edges of the discount should be laid makes me feel too small, it feels good to bring in slightly rounder shapes now among all the straight ones. It is a little easier to play out the shapes with paving stones than it was with the edge support in black sheet that I used before. I also hope that it will be easier to mow the lawn when the wheel can roll on the edge. Because of course the stones will go down the hill, later! The lawn has taken a beating but some topreds and grass seed so. . .
Having such a hard time deciding which gravel we should have on the gravel surface. . .Black tumbled decorative stone I'm keen on now, but it takes quite a lot. The farm single option is affordable but feels a little too similar to what we have in the carport (but only a few more days), it is stone flour, reportedly but who knows. Is it stupid to wish it would be nice to walk barefoot here? I imagine a bench, a couple of climbers on the trellises. So far a rose and a clematis have died here and now the honeysuckle seems to be meeting the same fate. Hope the gravel helps the plants survive here, it will be less wet. . .

A little finlir remains with the rebate edges

2 rows of paving stones separate the gravel surface from the grass

The bare lawn replaced with paving stones

Maybe a little round shapes are needed?

Almost done!

Yes, you can be happy that Blocket exists when you want to get rid of 1 ton of leftover rock crusher. A man answered the ad the same day and came the next with a trailer and took the rub. So that problem was out of the world, great! But I can already sense now that we will have a lot of stone flour left over as well, maybe he wants to have it with me then I suggest and yes it could be interesting. Now there was also room for the concrete slabs, which are delivered the same day. In the end, it was Stenbolaget's own slab Drottningholm in graphite grey. Super nice and affordable!
The tiles are delivered and laid the next day, as fast as it goes. The next day a bit of cutting and stone flour in the joints (since we have so much, we use it instead of setting sand, works just as well, says both the paver and the Stone Company that I consult with). Decided that the tiles should be laid along the direction of travel in the carport. I think it suits the house because the panel is varied in depth and width. The plate, which has three sizes, has a constant dimension (the width) that is varied by three lengths to provide variety. Thus, the joints are even where the tiles meet the paving stone and vary where they meet the rhythm of the panel. It may be getting bogged down in details, but I think that's fun - finding the reasoning that backs up the aesthetic!
The result is so nice! Photographed here in evening light and not quite finished, but damn what a lift it was! The carport has felt like a transport stretch, unfinished as it were. Dusty and gritty, ugh! But now that the stone flour has been replaced with tiles, it suddenly became a room! I almost want to set up a long table here sometime, but maybe it's to take in, the husband thinks. Lol!
The only thing missing in this project is the lighting and possibly a bike rack so there will be some order. Have looked around at garden lighting and still think that In-Lite seems to be a good system because it is possible to add new light points afterwards. I think I'll start with a starter kit containing two spotlights for lighting the trees here at our place and add some Blink wall lights down to knee height at some good intervals. A little more lighting in the carport wouldn't be amiss this winter. And already now in September there is a black wall outside the window on the garden side. With a little effect lighting, the darkness does not encroach in the same way. Although I don't want it overexposed, just right. But now first the rebates must be prepared and the material left over must be cleaned away. In a hurry to finish so we have time to enjoy before autumn is here for real.
Will come back with more pictures eventually but bye for now!
/ Eve

Nice with varied measurements!

Another picture in the evening sun

Esben sweeps stone flour

IN-LITE Blink wall lamp is on the wish list

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