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Ståtlig uppfart

Stately driveway

Plank in place

140810 the plank was completed and painted. We built it ourselves, everything went quickly and without problems, as a bonus the tan got better in the canon summer! First draft of drawing and time to plan the next step. Remove the hump to make room for two cars.

Plank in place

Draft 1 drawing

The rock banger explodes

The rock burst with powder cartridges by professionals from Nacka, then Tommy rolled in with the digger for excavation. It was an overloaded, heavy and expensive container with a penalty...but nice to get rid of the masses and get on with the project.

Tommy with the digger

Lots and lots

The masses, rock crusher and stone flour ordered from Stenbolaget in Sköndal and delivered. Also lots and lots of soil and sand from the entrance hall to bag and drive away. What I had no use for, a friend had good use for, as he needed filling masses for his project.

Lots and lots

Hard work pays off

After almost three weeks of work by Sladja and his friend, the flagstones, curbstones, bricks and paving stones are ready! Time to call Markus and get rid of the last masses and the old paving stones.

It is approaching...

Autumn apples

The apples ripened during the project. Has now become a high-quality must at Värmdö Musteri.

The apples ripened

Premier parking...only the "finliret" left

Time for premiere parking! Stones in place and the masses gone, so now it's just a matter of working with the finishing touches, decoration and discounts.

Ready to roll the cars in

Premier parking

Towards the entrance

Towards the stairs/entrance

From the stairs/entrance

Warning for dogs!

Our new Bernese Mountain Dog, Nzo 11 weeks, has been allowed to try the ground stone on the "car side". He also seems very happy :-)

Nzo on the "wrong" side

Mission complete - practical, space, stylish!

It turned out as we had hoped! Practical - no dog gate to move when the car is going in or out and no "Nzo" that can get in the way, thanks to the plank. Plenty of space - for two cars in width and never again an in-parked car! Nice - "how nice it turned out" is the most common comment from the surroundings and many have been inspired to visit the Stone Company.

New perennial discount, ladybug from "before"

Plenty of space and stylish!

Winter may come

The new driveway has room for the boat, without a car needing to be on the street this winter.

Space for the boat too

No car on the street this winter :-)

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