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Stengång med stil

Stone walkway with style

Our "grassy" old stone walkway

The old stone walkway consisted of stone-covered concrete slabs, but was largely overgrown with grass. The concrete stairs had weathered and were in urgent need of repair.



The stairs before

Stairs before

Repair of steps

All loose and bad concrete covering on the old steps was knocked away. Then forms were made and new steps were cast in place.

Preparing casting of stairs

Cast stairs

Choice of stone

When we came to Stenbolaget in Arninge, we had a hard time choosing between the different stone options. However, we were determined that it would be natural stone. We "jumped from stone to stone", but luckily there was a nice and knowledgeable guy there, who took hold of the situation and guided us with a safe hand to a good decision - Limestone Dark Lime 700x500 mm and curbstone in the same material. For the steps it was perfect with the smaller size 600x300.

Dark lime limestone

The stairs "like new"!!

We chose to lay stone both on the steps and the fronts. Tried a couple of different patterns to lay the stones, but got stuck when every other step became the same. Think it's good to avoid getting the joints directly under each other. We let the stone go about a centimeter outside the steps to get a nice profile. In any case, we were very pleased with the result - the full stairs a thing of the past!!

Lime stone stairs

Delivery stone company

Time to grab the aisle

First, all the old ugly tiles were removed, admittedly along with a lot of weeds.. We also wanted to take the opportunity to widen the passage to make it easier to pass under the stairs. We hope to turn the space under the stairs into bicycle parking. Since it had existed once before, there was a foundation to start from. The old sand was leveled and the vibrating plate was run back and forth, back and forth.


Stair stone

Stone stairs

How much gravel is needed!?!

After the ground cloth was laid out, it was time for stone crusher. We have used a total of 16 tons of stone crusher 0-16 mm and 7 tons of stone flour 0-4 mm!! The vibrating plate has been running hot - back and forth, back and forth.. All the rain that has come at regular intervals this summer must have been good for the sub work until this time - always something positive!


Toad gravel

Curb with lighting

Now it was time to put out the curb stone, which is in the same material as the tiles, i.e. limestone Dark Lime. A little more than half the stone ends up under the walking surface. It had been excavated with a good margin towards the outer sides of the aisle, so that it was easy to cement the curb stones properly. There will also be some lighting. At Stenbolaget we found small LED lamps with "warm" light from in-lite. When we found a guy who could quickly drill holes in 15 stones, we felt very satisfied - until we discovered that he drilled more than half of them on the wrong side..! Fortunately, the mistake could be hidden under a few layers of crushed stone and stone flour...

the foundation before paving


The Red Thread"

At all times, the slope of the aisle is controlled using the red thread. Under the tap there is a rainwater well and our hope is that all the rainwater will get there.



Plinth against the foundation of the house

We found a thinner tile that was a similar material to the flagstone, a little darker shade, but will go well with the repainted foundation. It was a nice finish against the wall!


The final stage!!

Now we got the weather on our side, with a break in the rain for a couple of days. Then we were able to lay the flex joint and irrigate at our own pace. The foundation is painted, the lighting in place, a new entrance roof and the iron fence built on site by our talented craftsmen.

Lighting on site

New entrance roof and iron fence

Stone plinth against the facade matches the foundation


I felt a little guilty about the lighting in these eco-saving times, but was clearly reassured when I calculated the annual consumption!! With these modern LED lamps from in-lite, you consume very little energy!! The small ones are at 0.5 W and the larger spots at the tujas are at 4.5 WI in return you get a beautifully lit garden path and perhaps a better protection against uninvited guests.. We hope we inspired someone, it would make us very happy. Good luck with your projects!!


Finished road paving

Paving stone with lighting

Paving stone with lighting

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