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Stenläggning framför entrén

Paving in front of the entrance


This is what the farm looked like before it was time to start!

Role model

Role model

Start over..

Here we have shoveled away everything old in front of the house and started laying 0-8 that the curb stones will be put in!


The curb is starting to fall into place...

Here we have started to get curbstones around one of what will be grass on the front of the house, but leave a small window so you can enter with a machine for a while longer! In addition, the facade change has come a long way, so you have to agree on the small area that exists :)

The curbstone we set is RV6 and then we run with radius stones to achieve slightly softer shapes. And I can highly recommend a pair of curb shears (or really two and a friend to help ;) to lift them into place!


Half of the curb will soon be in place

And from another angle

Stone walkway towards the entrance

Here it will be once towards the entrance, there will be slate in the middle and then cobblestones on the sides so you can back in with the car

A little 0-40 as a bearing, it will probably be stable

My second best friend!

This is absolutely my second best friend (at least when it comes to things like this :) I'll see if I get my best friend back tonight so I can get a picture of "her" too!


Life is not just made of stone.

There will also be two grass areas on the front side, as if to "frame" the stone (otherwise, one usually says the other way around, that the stone frames the grass? :)

Grass and stone

Time to start laying slate

Finally, it was time to start laying slate. At the bottom I have 0-40, then I level with a little 0-16 and then put 0-8 under the slate.

Start laying slate

Start laying slate

My very best friend!

A plane laser with a receiver becomes dependent on it once you start using it when you're doing things like this!
Things become so incredibly much easier, the only problem is that you become too precise ;)

plane laser

Soon half will be laid!

Continuing to lay slate - it goes quite quickly once you get started - the slate continues straight ahead along the entire front of the house and then it will also go out at an angle to the left.

Start laying slate

75% done!

The entire road in front of the house is paved, it was necessary to redo the finish closest to the picture a few times to make it look good - it's times like this that you regret making a 45 degree angle on the balcony ;) - anyway I ended up having to angle the finish on the tiles too!

It's starting to take shape

Combine stone with different thicknesses

We have both slate and cobblestone on the same surface, and they differ slightly in thickness.
The easiest (and perhaps best?) way is to strip off the face of the slate, lay it down, and then dig out for the paving stone. Incredibly easy to get right!

A must when laying paving stones FINALLY IT WAS DONE!

More or less all stone in place! A few small fixes left, but that's how it always is ;-) We put the small street stone in order to be able to back up by car towards the door.

Weather lines

Weather lines

Took the opportunity to fold in a compass rose at the entrance as well, first looked at the ready-made ones available but didn't really think they would fit in - and nothing is more fun than making things yourself?!
Will try to get a North - South marking sometime in the future, but I haven't really figured out how to do it yet.

Anyway, I laid the entire slate walkway first, then I cut the pieces for the compass rose from gray and black slate (the slate walkway itself in front of the house is laid from the same black slate)
I then laid out the pieces on top of the slate walkway and drew the shape, then I cut out with a regular stone disc on the angle grinder (you had to keep your tongue right in your mouth ;) and then I could fit the pieces down to the compass rose.


Weather lines

A few more after pictures

Among other things, from a little further away



Wholeness & character

I have to tell you how we thought when we chose stone for our project. When we started refurbishing our house, we, like many others, wanted to bring back the house's "old charm" - the house's original timber frame had over the years received horizontal paneling, plaster and finally vertical cover paneling.
The old windows were replaced in the 50s and the old corrugated metal roof was replaced with a more modern profiled metal roof. So when we now had the opportunity, we chose to install horizontal panels, change to modern windows but with an appearance reminiscent of those that sat on the house before, and also change the roof to sheet metal. And we thought it was at least as important as the choice of color and window appearance that the paving would become part of the house. Now, it may not have been so common to lay stones in front of the house in smaller villages around the turn of the century, but we felt that granite curbstones, cobblestones and slate tiles would be materials that match the house and give it the wholeness and character we wanted. That it would feel like the stones and tiles were always in front of our house!

The entrance

Small street stone

Rain, rain, rain..

Not great weather for working outside, but I take the opportunity to fix it up a bit and sweep down more sand between the stones where it "disappeared" - now you get the watering for free, so to speak ;-)

Wet outside

On the night

A picture ahead of the evening sun - it's just a shame that it gets dark so late!

Evening picture

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