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Stentrappa och uteplats på medelhavsvis

Stone stairs and patio in Mediterranean style

The demolition work is complete - time to start...

The old staircase has been removed and the site is prepared for a window wall, new staircase and ground covering. The ground is filled with macadam and stone flour and then vibrated for best durability and stability. The next step is to add a few centimeters of setting sand.

Demolition work completed

Demolition work completed

Stone steps are created and the paving stone is chosen...

  • The steel frame for the stairs is welded and fixed in place in the wall and ground
  • The stairs are reinforced with sheet metal and rebar before casting.
  • The frame is filled with concrete.
  • The stones are chosen - large slabs of "limestone" with a gray hard joint to resist the weeds. The tiles were laid in a layer of setting sand and the joint was brushed into the joints and then watered so that they solidified

Steel frame for the stairs is welded

The stairs are reinforced with sheet metal

The frame is filled with concrete.

Concrete stairs


The reward - lavender and Mediterranean hot stones!

We were looking for a feeling and found it! The flagstones and staircase are just as bright, warm and inviting as they are by the blue waters of the Mediterranean. An added bonus is that the bright "outdoor floor" forms an extension of the living room.

Final result

Final result

Final result

Time for a glass of wine on the new patio!


Paving stairs - step by step

The stones are cut and turned using a diamond saw. Fortunately, the stones are available in a variety of sizes, so we have been able to adapt a little based on the dimensions of the stairs when we ordered. The stones are attached with fixings and joined with an outer joint to become really durable.

Stones before grouting

The joint in place

The pillars are still missing as a frame

The pillars in place!

The stairs are finished - ground work next!

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