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Stödmur till avsats

Retaining wall to ledge

Excavation for the foundation of the wall

Excavated and laid shingle at the bottom of what will be a wall one day. Encountered some minor problems in the form of larger stones that could not be moved. Have to think about it a bit

The foundation of the wall

The material is waiting

The material is waiting

The continuation of the wall

Took advantage of the nice weather today to start with the wall as the foundation was finished yesterday. After the first layer, it floated on and I got up to the right height with it. I speculated a bit about small details, how I should solve the railing, lighting and which curbstones I should have and most of it was clear enough :-) Tomorrow there will be no work but some evening this week so most of it will be ready by midsummer anyway.

Micke measures in

Done for the day

Continuation of wall and filling

Became an evening session and we continued with preparing the wall and the top stones that needed to be sawed. Of course, there were 2 top stones missing where I miscalculated during the purchase - will have to be supplemented. Also prepared for posts for the railing to be cast at a later date and that I pulled in a pipe for the electricity to the inside of the wall for the future lighting. Finally, we filled again against the wall with both shingle and filling compound. Now you can see how it will look, just imagine that it is green grass growing :-)

The filling mass in place

The filling mass in place

Natural stone on natural plot

Plinth molding and fence posts

It's been quiet for a while now as I've been thinking about how I want it, but now I'm done thinking :-) There will be fence posts with synthetic hemp in 2 levels as "railing/protection" around the landing. Have ordered the hemp and also lighting which I finally decided on - waiting for the delivery of this. Molded plinths for the fence posts and fixed the posts that long.

Homemade :-)

The posts in place!

Fence, lighting and grass seeding

After looking around a bit I decided what I wanted and ordered both synthetic hemp for the "railing" and also the lighting. All that's left now is to wait for the grass to grow up on the sown soil and to get fence caps to protect the end tree. And the trampoline, of course :-)

Railing on retaining wall

Railing on retaining wall

Railing on retaining wall

Evening lighting that lights up Santa!

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