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Torpet får ny parkering, gång och uteplats

Torpet will get a new parking lot, walkway and patio

The cottage in its old charm. Before it all started.

December 2007, we took the step to become real homeowners and invested in a house in "good condition". However, it eventually turned out that a lot of work would be needed with both the house and the plot. As a bonus, a smaller house on the plot was also included, which in our inexperienced judgment could easily be classified as an object for demolition and was therefore quite seriously downgraded on our "to-do-list". Over time, however, there was a rather strong attraction to the house, which we sold had been classified as a boatman's croft from about 1850. So almost 2 years after the purchase, we decided to take hold of the croft both inside and out. A project with a capital "P". In order to give the croft its full charm, we also wanted to redo the parking, walkway and patio as this was mostly missing. Parking was a simple grass driveway on the grounds and then you had to wind your way up to the cabin on the lawn between lilac bushes. Admittedly charming already in this way, but our plans were on a higher level. That's why we started already in autumn 2009 to drain around the cabin and then finish everything a few years later. Worth mentioning, through inspiration from Stenbolaget. A lengthy and interesting project that was really successful.

Old "parking lot" and walk to the croft

Front with spartan entrance

The old patio.

Step 1. The drain comes into place.

As a first step (autumn 2009), we start with draining around the house. It's definitely easier to do this first before it's too late :)

The project has started with drainage

Out with the water in a stone chest

Pajama party in the garden

Pipe laying

Step 2. Excavation

The project went quietly until the summer of 2010 because we instead focused on finishing the croft on the inside. Now, however, it was time to get started on the outside of the croft. We excavated the north, west and south sides for the walkway and patios and then continued with the walkway down to the parking lot and exit. Since we couldn't get an excavator up to the croft, we had to bring out some shovels and muscle strength.

Here we dig out for the driveway to the parking lot.

Everything must be carefully marked and measured.

It got deep, but now you can park a truck.

Front side was dug by hand.

Crush is starting to fall into place.

Step 3. Crush and vibrate

The next step was to get all the rubble out of the parking lot and all the corridors. Thankfully we had tow truck help with this.

The parking lot gets the first layer crushed.

First round with the "vibe"

One more layer to fine tune

Both the parking lot and the walkway are now buzzing

Almost forgot to water the lilacs

Step 4. Curb

When everything was vibrated and ready, we invested in getting clear lines to work from. That's why we cast the main street stone around all the corridors and the parking lot. The project is starting to take shape and an end is beginning to be seen. The first load of paving stones arrived according to the promised delivery time. We thought this would be enough, but well, we got it. We eventually had to reorder a number of extra pallets with stone.

The back in progress

The front with round lines

Future patio

Parking and walking are ready. Many pallets ...

Time to start sorting stone

Step 5. Stone laying

Then it was finally time for paving. Autumn started to press on and it would have been nice to get everything ready before the cold starts too intense. Laying stone turned out to be a clearly more time-consuming job than expected. Thankfully there is good knee protection... We started with the car park and then worked our way up towards and around the cabin.

Inspiration from Stenbolaget in Arninge.

The first stones are in place.

The stones were fairly even.

Half the parking lot ready.

Nice result.

Finished result, part 1

After many thousands of stones, the last stone was finally in place 4 months after the first sod was laid. Here are some of the results in different seasons.

Stenaran in place and winters approaching

The stones remain after the source has disappeared.

The patio is ready to use.

Just put out the grill. Nice and warm.

Fairly OK paving.

Finished result, part 2

Some final pictures of the project. We have already started a new project in the garden country, and are planning a work shed next to the croft, so more contributions will come in the next season. Until then, have a great winter.

Beautifully framed by lilacs.

The donut thrives near the rocks.

The back of the house.

Part of the front.

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