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Uteplats smådalarö

Outdoor space Smådalarö


In 2006 we started planning for our joint summer residence. In the summer of 2008, the houses were in place and the patio between the houses was prepared with shingle. Then it took a few years before we managed to get hold of entrance stairs and slate laying.

2008, the houses not yet painted...

Entrance stairs- taking shape

We thought for a long time about how our stairs should look. We wanted rounded stone stairs, nice and warm to sit on. We agreed to build crescent-shaped stairs of cobblestone in three steps. Then the stairs became sufficiently large and each step about 30 cm deep and the height was determined by the height measurement of the paving stone, about 15 cm. The single had been sitting for several years. We laid out stone flour to level and to set the pavers in. We were unsure if the stairs would be able to move, so the outer lower row of stones was reinforced with cement on the inner edge. Against the wooden wall we put roofing felt to avoid moisture against the facade. Each step was laid with large street stone at the outer end and small street stone at the innermost. When the first step was laid and balanced, with a slight slope out from the house, we watered and filled in with shingle and stone flour towards the house to get the next step at the right level. Step no. 2 was laid according to the same principle.

First step outer edge, cement is laid



Inner stair laid, lower step ready

Step no. 2

Continuation entrance stairs

The last step was laid according to the same principle. The half-moon was filled with cobblestones that were height-adjusted and weighed in using stone flour. Throughout the process, the stairs were watered so that the stones would settle. When all the stones were laid and had settled, we scraped out mechanically and with the help of water the stone flour joint and replaced it with flexible hard joint. To get it to stay in the tall cake-shaped slots on the outer edge, the grout was mixed with water to a cement-like consistency and then we poked it into the slots. A rather time-consuming job, but the end result was good. The final finish was completed with a dish brush to remove any grout residue from the stones.


The last step is filled with cobblestone

Jointing with flexible hard joint

Finished staircase

The next step - the slate patio

During Easter 2014, we continued our project. Now the patio would be covered with slate. Weeds that had seeded were pulled / dug out and the edge of the lawn leveled and shaped into a rounded shape. We divided the patio into three parts, where we completed one part at a time. Then we started shoveling stone flour, trampled and weighed, so we got a suitable slope out from the houses.

Weeds cleared

Part of ordered slate and stone flour

Shooting and balancing

Tramples to the surface

First stage completed

Offerdal shale is starting to come into place

The stone slabs were laid out on the lawn for inspection, then laid out in as tight an irregular puzzle as possible. We chose not to use a miter saw, but instead we adjusted the size of the discs in exceptional cases with a hammer. Once we were satisfied, each slab of slate was lifted and weighed into place. A heavy job that was made easier with work trousers with knee protection. When the first part was finished, it was watered and the cracks were swept / grouted with stone flour.

The stone slabs are laid out for viewing

slate puzzle

each disc is weighed

each disc is weighed

first part almost finished

The next piece in the shale puzzle

Then we continued in the same way. Laying out the discs on the lawn, choosing discs, laying out in puzzles to get a vivid and asymmetrical yet harmonious pattern. Weighed in the boards, found small pieces to patch in the inevitably larger joints.

Scots stone flour

balance, correct slope from the house

new puzzle

sweep stone flour into the joints

stage 2 done

Third and final slate stage

The last stage was a bit tricky. Stone bumlings, mountains in the day, balcony stairs, to get a good meeting and the right slope. A little patience and diligent work and it was done..

groundwork again

puzzle laid out, the discs are weighed

continued work

watering and sweeping

last part almost done

The patio almost finished

During the spring and summer, we let the stones settle, before we lay the flexible hard joint during the summer.

Almost done...

The result

    The result
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